Corporate workspace, medical offices, hospitals, specialist medical practices, banks and credit unions, co-working spaces,  active senior living residences and amenities, warehousing and manufacturing facilities, and even a former mall turned high-tech HQ. If you’ve got projects, we’ve got a better way to get them done. When say we Make Work Beautiful, it’s not just a tagline, it’s a promise that we’ll take our better method and put it to work for you and your project. Wherever work is, and whatever it looks like for you – we can make it so much better.

For too many companies and organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic has been downright difficult. Here at Infinity Group, we too have had to make some tough, but important business decisions over the past year. One of the things that we knew all along, and now many new clients have also picked up on is that Infinity Group’s tried and true method for getting projects designed and delivered is just plain better than the old way of doing things. And no matter what you need to design and build, you deserve better.

So, what is the secret to our success? A combined team that is your single point of accountability.

Here’s our backstory. Our founders started off in the trades and discovered a problem. Projects are more stressful, complicated, and costly when companies hire an architect, designer, and general contractor separately. Infinity Group is the solution because we know together, we can do more.

How exactly is our approach better than the traditional method? Check out this graphic that explains how our method creates seamless project management with no hand off, intimate knowledge of your project intent, and progressive costing and scheduling.


Bottom line, our one team knows what you want, and we deliver it to you on time with accurate costing throughout. At every point through design and planning, or even once the project is started, if you want to remove a wall to let in more natural light, our team can tell you exactly how much that will cost and explain any potential impacts that it will have on your timeline. Pretty cool, right? We are licensed to work in all 50 states, and we have completed commercial corporate workspace projects all over the country.

When it comes to medical offices, we’ve worked with hospitals, specialist medical practices, dental offices, orthopedic and sports medicine centers, and an ophthalmology clinic.

As for active senior living? We’ve done work with non-profit assisted living centers, active life plan communities, and active 55+ lifestyle communities.

We’ve completed projects start to finish for industrial operations like manufacturing facilities, a millwork and building supplies distributor, defense contractors, food distribution companies, and a home interiors supplier.

Take a moment to browse our diverse projects across multiple sectors, and then reach out to our team to kickstart your own Make Work Beautiful idea.