What’s In a Name?

People ask us all the time: “Why did you name your company Infinity Group?” We can explain. But first you have to take our word for the fact that we are not cockeyed optimists, we are not blind idealists, and we are nowhere near as naive as we might seem. We do however, believe in the power of opportunity, imagination, and possibilities.


In fact, that belief led us to coin this equation: [imagination x opportunity] = the number of possibilities


If you do that math, a few things start to become clear:

Our opportunities are limited only by our imaginations. That is a joyfully staggering realization, isn’t it? Can you remember the last time you thought that way? We would guess it was when you were a child. Then again, it’s not the way you would have thought as a child. It is the way you would have lived. No wonder our lives were so full of wonder then. You were imagining and creating all the time.


You can live that way again. We just have to be willing to look beyond the things we have grown to accept as our limitations. When you come right down to it, what kind of growing is that? If we are limiting our imaginations — if we are making our worlds narrower, less imaginative, and less full of wonder — we are not growing at all. We are shrinking. On the other hand, as soon as we recognize that, we can change it. Let’s change it.


As you start to trust your imagination — and you start to multiply the number of new opportunities you see as a result — the lights come on. It is like watching a time-lapse video of a flower blooming. And you start to realize the possibilities are darn-near … well … infinite.


And that, to answer the question, is why we named the company Infinity Group. We believe in the power of our imaginations to reveal opportunities that suggest infinite possibilities. Does that make us childlike? We sincerely hope so.


What’s that? You don’t think possibilities are infinite? We suggest you trust your imagination — and trust us to help you make the most of your opportunities. We are ready to do the math when you are.


When it comes to our name, the possibilities are infinite.

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