The Long and Short of Returning to The Workspace

The Long and Short of Returning to The Workspace

Returning to The Workspace – Companies and organizations across the country are beginning to return to the offices they left behind in the Spring.

No matter your timing, strategy, or situation, there are several things you can do in the short-term and in the long-term to re-open your offices safely, so your employees would feel comfortable coming back to the physical office space.

One thing we know for sure is that the office will always have its place. However, it must be better than ever before in order to attract employees and tenants back into shared spaces.

We have compiled some tips from our experience during the last few months to get you started or reinforce confidence for the path you are already on to return to the workspace.

Short-term solutions:

-Create a task force focused on safety, design, and operations enhancements.

-Provide 6’ distance between desks (2 ways: either move desks apart in the space or through a staggered, alternating schedule).

-Put in place stringent cleaning procedures.

-Reduce the number of people in meeting rooms and other walled-off rooms.

-Install health guards on open desks.

-Create a one-way circulation path.

-Signage with social distancing reminders.


Long-term solutions:

To contain the spread of viruses and bacteria and make employees comfortable coming back health-wise:

-Install hands-free fixtures in the bathrooms and common areas.

-Install automatic or no-touch doors.

-Enhance HVAC systems with UV lights to kill viruses.

To make employees want to come back:

-Involve employees in the process of re-design through surveys and small functional teams responsible for individual areas with which they are most familiar.

-Bring natural light in space.

-Allow equal access to outdoor views and natural light for all the employees.

-Bring in live plants.

-Ergonomic furniture.

-Enhance technology (large computers, printers, and other things) that employees might not have access to at home.

-Height-adjustable desks.

Metrum Desk Dividers

We can also customize solutions for your workspace. You can reserve a free, no-obligation 30-minute meeting with one of our workplace strategists. They will ask a few questions about your individual space to craft a plan that is uniquely yours.

It is not a question of “if” we are going back to the office, but “when”, and what percentage of your workforce. Prepare now so you are ready for whatever comes next.