The Perfect Workspace: Science Meets Art

There are two dirty little secrets about building the perfect workspace:

  1. There is no dirty little secret.
  2. There is no perfect workspace.

There is, however, a perfect workspace for you. Chances are, you won’t find it. But you will be able to create it. The secret to doing that (it’s not dirty, and it’s not little) is to combine science and art. Here’s how:

  • Building is a science. It comprises architecture, engineering, construction techniques, and technology in the accommodation and mitigation of physical phenomenon like gravity, the weather, materials and tolerances, conductivity, energy consumption, and human physiology. There are years of experience and empirical data on which to draw and from which to draw reasonable conclusions in the processes that constitute building. That’s why it’s a science.
  • Collaboration is an art. It comprises the ability of people to get along, to cooperate, to plan, to share ideas in pursuit of mutually agreeable outcomes, to check their egos at the door, to forego hidden agendas in favor of transparency, to conduct themselves with honor and integrity, and to put the interests of others at least on a par with our own self-interests. There are years of history to suggest we’re not terribly good at such things. That’s why it’s an art.

Let’s Work Together

We provide the science. We provide the design, budgetary, and functional perspectives for your project. We manage the contractors and vendors. We save you time and money. And we spare you the headaches of having to hire architects, design firms, and general contractors — or to manage every aspect of the project yourself. But even we can’t do everything.

We can’t know what you want unless you tell us. We can’t plan your project if you don’t tell us your budget. We can’t know how your people work unless they tell us. We can’t know your preferences for configuration of your space, colors, materials, and finishes unless you tell us. And we certainly can’t know if you’re happy with us and our work unless you tell us. The art comes in our shared commitment to working together.

Count on Our Accountability

Maybe the most important thing we do is provide a single point of accountability for the success of every project. We know there’s no scientific reason for our doing so. But we consider it an artful touch. Our clients do, too.

As long as we agree there are no dirty little secrets, we can build your perfect workspace together.

Thanks for stopping by. We’d love to help you with your latest workspace project. Please contact us for a quote today!