There is no user manual for how to return to our workspaces during a global pandemic or after it has been defeated. It requires expanded thinking and new approaches to the work because literally no one has done it before in the modern era. After nearly a year, there is a much greater awareness for which roles and industries can remain remote long term and those that just plain do better when people are together in person. You can learn more about how we’re putting safety first and completing projects during this unique moment in history.

A good plan is powerful

Clients we work with have many questions, and that’s a good thing. A common thread is emerging from our current work, and here’s something we know for sure: smart CEOs, Facilities Managers, and Real Estate Professionals are getting their plans in place now. To properly prepare for a strong return to in person collaboration at offices and workspaces, you need to know more about what the future will actually look like. How will it look on a schematic test fit? Perhaps you need less physical space after COVID-19, or maybe you will need more?

What you can do right now with Infinity Group’s expertise:

  • Order your business priorities
  • Asses your team
  • Consider remote work and hybrid models
  • Asses your current space
  • Reimagine what’s possible for your square footage

The questions from our clients and our thoughtful answers are how Infinity Group’s Future of Work Blueprint was born. It’s an easy-to-understand guide for you to use as your plan your return. In it, we include scenarios and floor plans to jumpstart brainstorming, and we share everything that we’ve learned about what particular industries are doing at this time.


We’re seeing changes

Based upon industry data and market trends we have created three workplace models focused on the changes we are tracking in environment, technology, and behavior.


A Client Experience Hub

B Collaboration Node

C Dispersed Workspace


Your first conversation with our team is valuable and complementary. Wherever and whatever work looks like for you, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to get started and together we can Make Work Beautiful.