Infinity Group partnered with Seabury, an active life community, and we work alongside their management team and serve as Seabury’s in house architecture, engineering, construction and strategy teams for new projects. It is important that the spaces we create for their residents and staff are welcoming, friendly, and integrate the latest technology.


  • Company:Seabury
  • Headquarters:Bloomfield, CT
  • Location:Bloomfield, CT
  • Size:50,000 SF
  • Practice:

    CLEAR architecture
    CLEAR engineering
    CLEAR construction
    CLEAR strategy

“Our relationship with Seabury goes way back, and it is grounded in trust. They trust us to complete projects on time and on budget consistently.” -Infinity Group VP of Architecture and Engineering Blake Leonard
“Our projects with Seabury are big and small. We’ve built a new wing with residential units and clubhouse amenities, but also managed smaller projects like updating millwork and finishes in spaces.” -Infinity Group Director of Client Relations Corey Edwards