A confidential technology company came to Infinity Group looking for a partner for strategy and design work for the expansion of their headquarters in New York City. As a global leader in e-commerce technology, they plan to add 34,000 square feet to its existing space, bringing the total footprint to over 100,000 square feet. The design, inspired by the concept of collaboration and nature integrates biophilic elements, collaborative hubs, amenity zones, and flexible workspaces to create a sophisticated and employee-centric environment. The expansion serves as a testament to Rokt’s commitment to cultivating a vibrant work culture. The newly expanded headquarters will stand as a symbol of the company’s technological leadership and dedication to providing a world-class workspace. This transformative project sets a new standard for innovative design in the heart of New York City, reflecting the ongoing success and growth of the company within this dynamic environment.


  • Company:Confidential Technology Company
  • Headquarters:New York, NY
  • Location:New York, NY
  • Size:100,000 SF
  • Practice:

    IG Strategy
    IG Design