Robert Half

The importance of Empowering Human Potential is at the core of both of our teams. Robert Half leverages their insight to identify potential and match individuals and companies to find what suits them best, we proudly helped them create a workspace that embodies that.


The space is maximized with different areas of choice based working that includes high table top seating for collaborating on large screens, writable surface areas on the walls, seating for both individuals and groups, and lounge areas to take a break from the day or to socialize with other coworkers. Creating workspaces that allow employees to choose where they work gives them the freedom to be more productive and pick their best suited location based on their schedule and needs.


Pops of color are displayed in multiple areas throughout the space to encourage energy and excitement and portray the Robert Half branding and culture. It also provides the opportunity for employees to encourage growth with their clients but also within their company itself.  The layout utilizes natural light and views of the city throughout the space to connect their teams within and with the outside community. It’s great to see another vacant space be occupied with a global tenant.





    Hartford, CT
  • DATE:
    May 2019
  • SIZE:
    12,000 SF

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