Infinity Group delivered a beautiful, safe, and sparkling clean medical office for the OSM Center on time and on budget. The space is bright, refreshing, and welcoming for all who work in and visit the office. The client’s vision was achieved with spectacular results.


  • Company:The OSM Center
  • Headquarters:Westport, CT
  • Location:Westport, CT
  • Size:2,400 SF
  • Practice:

    IG Strategy
    IG Design
    IG Architecture
    IG Engineering
    IG Construction

With the traditional process, healthcare companies end up signing contracts with multiple firms to get their strategy, architecture, engineering, and construction work done. That is not the case with Infinity Group.
Infinity Group has a better way to get a beautiful, state-of-the-art medical office delivered on budget. We can also do it with minimal disruption to daily activities. One point of accountability through the whole project process is the way to go.