Infinity Group helped CME Associates create a fun and engaging space so their growing team could re-position themselves to attract top talent. Colorful lockers and collaborative spaces are just some of the design decisions aimed at mimicking the collegiate style, easing newly graduated talent into a more corporate environment.


  • Company:CME Associates
  • Headquarters:Syracuse, NY
  • Location:Storrs, CT
  • Size:11,000 SF
  • Practice:

    CLEAR strategy
    CLEAR architecture
    CLEAR engineering
    CLEAR construction

CME Associates relocated to Storrs near the University of Connecticut’s main campus with the goal of new talent acquisition. Infinity Group delivered a design to help them toward that goal.
The purpose of being adjacent to the UCONN campus is not to have a whole bunch of people sitting behind closed doors in individual offices, it’s to get some interaction between our folks and the university,” said Brad Cheney, CEO of CME.