In the dynamic Seaport District of Boston, this Confidential Pharmaceutical Company embarked on a significant rollout of their North American presence. Infinity Group was asked to establish their new office location in New England to compliment breathtaking views of the city. Our primary objective was to harmonize the space with the client’s global brand identity. This 10,000 square foot collaborative workspace was more than just a physical transformation; it was about creating a cohesive design language that resonated with the client’s worldwide offices. Infinity Group delivered a comprehensive transformation of this interior space inside the One Marina Park building – ensuring every aspect of the office aligned with the client’s established brand standards. This included introducing new flooring and wall treatments to create a cohesive atmosphere. The sleek reception area is at the heart of the project, featuring a custom reception desk and stylish wooden slats. In the boardroom, switchable smart glass was installed to provide privacy and adaptability, demonstrating Infinity Group’s commitment to innovative solutions. To further strengthen the client’s branding, new signage was added throughout. By seamlessly translating the global brand identity into a unique, functional workspace, Infinity Group successfully completed this project that aligned with the client’s vision for their new office.


  • Company:Confidential Client
  • Headquarters:Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Location:Boston, MA
  • Size:10,000 SF
  • Practice:

    IG Strategy
    IG Design
    IG Architecture
    IG Engineering
    IG Construction

“My favorite feature is the switchable smart glass in the boardroom, which offers privacy on demand without compromising the room’s access to natural light and views,” shared Olivia Powers, Infinity Group Workplace Designer.