New Design Studio in Hartford, CT

New Design Studio in Hartford, CT

We are happy to announce our opening of the new design studio! 

The studio offers an all inclusive workspace concept with a modern and flexible vibe. The firm that asks, “how do your employees work” truly embraced this question when designing the studio which includes both private and open workspaces as well as collaborative meeting areas. The beautiful design studio library is extensive and the virtual reality theater is an experience that speaks for itself.

Our in-house designers, architects, engineers, and builders are all on the same team, saving you time and money on your projects. From our initial schematic design test fits, we can forecast real-time accurate projects cost and timeline.  going back and forth with 2-4 different companies and hoping they all align from not just a design and aesthetic perspective, but from a strategy and architecture standpoint, can be overwhelming and is further justification that the traditional way is flawed. Set up a time to speak with our workplace strategy team and learn how you can create a space your employees want to go into and thrive doing their best work.

The office can help companies achieve their goals, through engaged and inspired employees to drive innovative ideas to take the company to new heights. While this was accurate before the pandemic, it is still an expectation during. But the question remains, how do you inspire employees to want to come back to the office. The office of the future may look a little different from what we envisioned 6 months ago, but wellness will be at the forefront of why employees would want to return to the office.

20 Church Street 17th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103

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