Happy… New Year?

We get it, it’s complicated.

But here are three reasons why we are holding some space for optimism about 2022 and about the future of in person work.

1. We ditch the whole scene

The offices we left in 2020 are gone. I mean they’re still there (maybe), but our relationship to work and physical space will never be the same. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for business leaders. Remote work has opened our eyes to the reoccurring meeting that “really could have been an email”. Remote, hybrid, and physically displaced teams have also had plenty of time to test the limits of remote work. Consensus is that it is not the same as in person work. Largely, its younger people in the workforce who are longing for a return to some form of in person collaboration.

2022 is the year to ditch what wasn’t working and embrace what’s next. Maybe it’s a mix for your team. Our expert workplace strategists and designers can help you get clear on why you want to get together again. We can also help you decide the on the right amount of square footage. Then we can design and build a spectacular and highly functioning space that delights your people and serves your business goals.

 2. It’s miserable and magical, oh yeah

Extremes have been the hallmark of this pandemic, now closing in on its second year. We’ve had periods that are downright difficult and moments that feel like miraculous breakthroughs. And through it all, there are people still showing up, virtually or in person to get work done and keep things moving. If you are fortunate enough to have a team like this – create a beautiful space for them to return to. It’s key to keeping them happy and engaged when you return to the office. 

3. Everything will be alright

Even in the most difficult of times, we are comforted by the fact that time has a way of smoothing the edges of the trying days and tense hours too many of us have endured recently. Smart companies are utilizing time away from the office to kickstart their plans for renovation while employees work remotely. Even if you don’t expect to return until later in the year, now would be the best time to start making decisions. Why? The continued strain on the supply chain is real, and securing materials, furniture, finishes, and fixtures is taking longer than it used to. Take a look at what we created with e-commerce company XMONDO in the greater New York City area.

Lastly, bonus points if anyone has picked on the less than subtle Taylor Swift song lyrics woven through this piece.

Contact us today if you’re feeling ’22!