We’ve got a better way to a beautiful office of the future. But it’s one thing for us (Infinity Group) to say we’ve got a better method on our website, in a blog, or in an email. It’s a different story when you hear it back from our clients who love the spaces we create for them, and they’re even more excited about the fact that they’re able to realize the design of their dreams on schedule and within their budget.

But we wanted to take it a step further.

We understand that at this moment, as we’re collectively writing the next chapter of the office, there’s still tremendous trepidation among some as companies consider reopening their offices with government capacity mandates rolling back. So, we decided the best way to show the world what the post-pandemic office could actually look like was to invite news reporters and cameras into our space.

Nothing was off limits and no question went answered.

What came next was some honest conversations about what our Infinity Group Strategy, Design, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction teams are working on, the trends that are emerging in markets all over the country, and what smart corporate leaders are doing at this very moment as it relates to their return to their physical offices.

You can watch NBC Connecticut’s full story here, titled: Return to Office: CT Design Experts Detail Post-Pandemic Workspace Needs

Infinity Group Director of Client Relations Corey Edwards told reporters that showing up to the office in the post-COVID-19 era will have to mean some sort of experience: a place where employees can collaborate and socialize and feel welcome, comfortable and safe. It’s something we cover at length in Infinity Group’s Future of Work Blueprint.

“We realize, and studies have shown through employee engagement, that employees are not going to be at the office five days a week, but about 70% of employees say they want to be at the office at least three days a week,” said Edwards.

Laura Merrill, Infinity Group Director of Design added that space planning is key and making the most of the square footage will matter even more post-pandemic.

Merrill said, “They’re rethinking their space. They’re shrinking their space. Some companies are growing and they have a lot of opportunity because there is a lot of real estate that is available now.”

NBC Connecticut also visited Fairview Architecture, a company who is just wrapping up a project with Infinity Group to prepare them for the future of work. We actually completed the work, modernizing and opening up their space, while employees were working remotely.

Edwards and Merrill were also interviewed by Hartford Courant reporter

Kenneth Gosselin in his piece titled: Office chairs, conference tables and workstations on wheels? Here’s a look at what the post-coronavirus pandemic office of the future might look like

Gosselin wrote:

Designers from Infinity Group, a commercial design firm with offices in Hartford, say future workspaces could be equipped with moveable chairs, conference tables, workstations and cabinets that can easily be rearranged as the needs of workers change. As employees return from a year of working at home, the look of the corporate office will not look like the past.

So don’t just take our word for it.

Explore our projects page and see our work. Learn a little about how our method is different. And when you’re ready to take the first step, contact us and our expert team can get to work for you.