Infinity Group has a proven track record of completing multiple projects during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our safety-first approach starts the minute we meet. Infinity Group’s COVID-19 guidelines and best practices are informed by the CDC. They are in place to keep you, your team, and our team as safe as possible. Our COVID-19 safety approach has been featured in the press, you can watch the news story here.


First things first

Your initial design and strategy consultation will be a brief meeting with our team. We can virtually meet you on a video call. In that meeting we will share industry trends. We will also share our firsthand knowledge about what companies are doing from a design perspective to get back into their workspaces safely.

We also like to use that time to get to know your business a little better. That way we can tailor a program and schematic test fit to fit your unique needs. To jumpstart your inspiration, check out our Future of Work Blueprint.

Open invitation to our studio

Next, as our relationship grows, we always invite our clients into our beautiful studio. When you arrive, you’ll notice our building requires masks in public spaces like the lobby and hallways. Our elevators are limited to two people per ride. When you arrive at our space, you’ll be met by our team in masks at the door. Know that every Infinity Group employee is required to fill out a daily COVID-19 attestation. This step is a way for our employees to sign off that they do not have symptoms of COVID-19 and that no one in their home has symptoms of COVID-19.

Design, delivered to you

Infinity Group is also ready and willing to travel to your location to meet with your senior leadership team or other project influencers. While traveling, our team will follow all CDC guidelines and best practices to make sure we arrive safely and ready to show you how we can transform your space.

Safe materials and finishes selection and VR

For many of our clients, choosing their materials and finishes is one of their favorite parts of the process. We believe that this can be done safely in our studio or at your space. Another exciting feature of our process is the use of virtual reality technology, and our hardware is sanitized regularly. The virtual reality walkthrough of your space can also be done over a video meeting if you prefer.


COVID-19 vigilance on site

When it comes to our team on site for strategy, architecture, engineering, and construction work – we will seamlessly integrate into your own COVID-19 safety protocols while maintaining our own. Our crews conduct daily temperature checks in the field, and anyone who does not feel well is expected to stay home.

A safe track record

We are proud of the projects we have safely completed for our clients over the past year. You can see some of them by visiting our easy to navigate projects gallery.

“We’ve been really encouraged by a lot of companies we work with wanting to continue work, in light of everything that’s going on,” said Peter Schaller, Infinity Group Director of Marketing.