Construction crews staying safe on site amid COVID-19

Construction crews staying safe on site amid COVID-19

Construction crews staying safe on site amid COVID-19

Author: Jim Altman  Originally Published: 6:44 PM EDT April 15, 2020 Fox 61 News 

SIMSBURY, Conn. — The work continues for construction crews across the state but the blueprint for safety has changed. Inside a remodeling project for an expansive office space in Simsbury, the team from the Infinity Group was hammering away at the tasks at hand but also keeping all the new safety concerns in mind.

“Never in my life have I seen anything like this,” said Trevor Howlett, the project manager on site in Simsbury. Howlett, who says he’s been swinging a hammer since he was 14, is enforcing new rules on the job as his team continues to move forward with the massive renovation.

When it comes to new safety regulations, “we try to contain as much as we can,” Howlett said, “there’s daily communication, sometimes hourly communication.”

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, a site like the one being developed in Simsbury would have around 20 workers — everyone from plumbers, to electricians, to painters, but in light of the social distancing rules, only ten workers are on the job.

Peter Schaller, the marketing director for the Infinity Group said, “if anyone has so much as a cough or any type of symptoms, they don’t come to work — you stay home, you quarantine, and you get better.”

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Construction crews staying safe amid the Pandemic