CME Associates has Design to Inspire UConn Students


Infinity Group is proud to announce the completion of CME Associates’ relocation to its new corporate headquarters at Storrs Center near the University of Connecticut’s Main Campus. Over recent months, Infinity Group transformed 33 Wilbur Cross Way, Suite 105 from retail into Class A office space. This new facility, within walking distance to one of New England’s premier universities, will serve to connect UConn’s students with one of Connecticut’s top engineering firms.

From the onset, CME was interested in getting as close to UConn as possible in order to attract tomorrow’s engineers and business professionals. The challenge was in locating suitable office space close enough to UConn’s Main Campus. After coming across 3,000 square feet of retail space in Storrs Center, CME enlisted Connecticut’s premier design solutions provider, Infinity Group, for a full build-out that would transform the shell into Class A office space.



Over recent months, Infinity Group has been applying its unique design-led expertise to create tailor-made solutions for CME’s specific needs. Since CME’s strategy focused on building up new talent, Infinity presented an open office design concept that would increase collaboration, training, shadowing and reverse-shadowing for the benefit of interns and junior engineers.

Similarly, the new location features a projector wall, lots of daylight, a large multipurpose kitchen and café, the unique use of bright colors in both paint and fabrics, and ergonomic sit-stand desks. The offices also feature two suspended, stylish ceiling clouds. Each of these solutions was achieved via collaboration and communication between Infinity Group and CME.



Typically, under the traditional construction model, companies like CME need to sign different contracts with both a design firm and a construction firm.  This means managers must constantly deal with both parties and relay information between the two. Infinity Group’s system of design-led construction, however, means that Infinity is a single point of contact, and a partner, through all phases of the project’s completion. By simplifying the process, Infinity Group was able to work with CME to understand, define and deliver on vision, timeline and budget.

Over the past decade, Infinity Group has provided similar results for a variety of different businesses, both small and large, all across Connecticut. Infinity has designed and transformed office space, local landmarks from Storrs to Stamford.



As Connecticut’s premier design solutions provider, Infinity Group is currently offering free design consultations to businesses in the greater Connecticut area.

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