Connex Credit Union – Client Spotlight

Connex Credit Union – Client Spotlight

It’s no surprise that security and confidentially is a priority for a financial institution – Business had to continue as usual and avoid any possible breaches with any of their activities while getting the new space delivered on time. Understanding the unique needs of the employee teams, demographics, and interests of the members produced a space that maximized each department at Connex Credit Union.

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“We opened the cafeteria up for everyone today and the cafeteria was a BIG HIT.  The increased size of the cafeteria, the bench seating, the raised tables in the center…they all have been big wins. Staff is all smiles today and we did this build to reward them for all their hard work and grit.  You guys rocked this design and build out of the park.

I wanted to drop a thank you to you and your team. We (Connex) are a team of very high standards and ideals which can be a challenge for vendors to live up to.  You guys…from the beginning…have been lockstep in alignment with us.  We cannot thank you enough for the amazing design, the “hand-holding”, and the professional and top-quality build that occurred. You all did an amazing job and we are very happy with the build.”

– Dennis Klemenz, Connex Vice President & CIO

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