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Build Out, Move In

Build-Out, Move In

Build-Out: Once you start a business, you learn two things: (1) Every business has its own particular vocabulary. (2) Not everyone in the world is familiar with your vocabulary. It may seem simple and obvious to you. But everybody else? Not so much. And so it is with us.

In our previous blog post, we wrote about the term, test fit. We were taken aback when we realized there are actually people on the planet who don’t know what we assumed they knew. After we got over ourselves, we decided we had better tell them. So we did.

Since then, we have discovered there are people who are not familiar with another term we use rather freely: build-out.

Build-out can be defined with pretty fair degrees of adequacy and accuracy as improvements to space to make it usable for a particular occupant’s needs. To make that a little more clear, if tenant spaces start out with little more than four walls and a door (they often do) — or if the space is fully fitted out in a way that does not meet the needs of the tenant’s business (they sometimes do) — something needs to be built. And in our minds, that means it needs to be built out.

A Word About Process


Commercial build-outs typically follow a series of steps, each of which requires a different party or parties. After a tenant finds suitable office space (and gets a test fit, of course), it begins:

  1. Business executives define space requirements.
  2. Architects design the space.
  3. Architects and engineers create blueprints and estimate costs.
  4. A general contractor (or a project manager) is hired to oversee the job and itemize costs.
  5. The general contractor (or the project manager) hires trades (framing, drywall, electric, plumbing, flooring, painting, et al.), finalizes costs, pulls the requisite permits, submits the necessary reports, and solicits the required inspections.

Considering how many people do that five-step dance, we are fairly certain somebody must think it is a good idea. We don’t.

It Should Be Easy

The companies that work with us let us do all the dancing. They work with one company (us). One point of contact (ours). They don’t have to manage anything (we do). And there is one point of accountability for everything (come on, you know).

We make everything from test fit to build-out so easy, we fit it all in simple infographics — one for end users, the other for brokers.

When we handle your build-out, all you have to do is move in.


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