Project Case Study


Revolutionizing Work Environment for Sennheiser's US Headquarters

Sennheiser, a renowned German electronics company, aspired to establish an employee-centric workspace for their United States headquarters. Partnering closely with Sennheiser’s leadership team, Infinity Group embarked on the mission to realize this vision while staying true to the company’s signature clean and crisp aesthetic. Embracing Sennheiser’s commitment to innovation and quality, Infinity Group meticulously designed a workspace that fosters collaboration and productivity. By seamlessly blending modern functionality with timeless design elements, including sleek lines and minimalist decor, the office reflects Sennheiser’s brand identity. From ergonomic workstations to state-of-the-art audiovisual solutions, every detail was carefully curated to create an inspiring environment where employees thrive. The result is a harmonious fusion of functionality and style, providing Sennheiser with a workspace that embodies its values and supports its mission to deliver exceptional audio experiences to customers worldwide.

Project Details




Old Lyme, CT


Old Lyme, CT


12,000 sqft

“We wanted to refresh the space for the return to work after the pandemic and just brighten up what was an outdated space,” said Michael Lieske, Sennheisser Director of Operations.

“It is a running business and we can’t afford to clear the building for one of these projects, so we needed someone who could work with us to get it done,” said Michael Lieske, Sennheisser Director of Operations.