Project Case Study


Fostering Well-Being at TaskUs' Vibrant US Headquarters in Texas

TaskUs, a digital customer service company renowned for its ‘be ridiculous’ slogan, envisioned its US headquarters as a space that not only reflects their dynamic culture but also supports their employees’ well-being. Recognizing the challenges their employees face in their work, TaskUs sought to create an environment where they could thrive and recharge. Located within a repurposed Texas shopping mall, Infinity Group took on the task of designing, engineering, and constructing TaskUs’ new offices in San Antonio. Our mission was to infuse the space with TaskUs’ vibrant spirit while ensuring functionality and innovation. From collaborative work areas to dedicated breakout spaces designed for relaxation and rejuvenation, every aspect of the office was meticulously crafted to provide support and respite for TaskUs’ hardworking team. By seamlessly integrating design, engineering, and construction, Infinity Group delivered an innovative workspace that not only embodies TaskUs’ ‘be ridiculous’ mantra but also fosters a supportive environment for their employees.

Project Details




Santa Monica, CA


San Antonio, TX


77,000 sqft

“TaskUs is a dream client, they loved pushing the boundaries with color and texture in the space and it all came together beautifully.”

-Infinity Group Director of Design Laura Merill

“The space we delivered for TaskUs is vibrant and functional. We are also pleased that it is adaptable, and they have ample space to safely implement COVID-19 safety measures.”

-Infinity Group Director of Client Relations Corey Edwards