Project Case Study


Slalom's Global Workspaces: Merging Commercial Functionality with Residential Comfort

For Slalom, a leading worldwide consulting firm, Infinity Group meticulously crafted workspaces that reflect the company’s vibrant culture, empower their employees, and highlight their engaging style. Challenged with harmonizing commercial functionality with the warmth of residential comfort across multiple locations, our team skillfully blurred these boundaries. The result? Warm, inviting environments that soothe both employees and clients upon entry, fostering an atmosphere of ease and collaboration. Our detailed construction approach allowed each Slalom office to boast its unique ambiance, significantly enhancing the experience for everyone who steps inside, and showcasing a perfect balance between professionalism and homeliness.

Project Details




Seattle, WA


Multiple Locations


10,000 – 40,000 sqft

A media lounge topped with a barrel vault ceiling is the bridge between quiet work zones and entertainment giving employees a flexible place to sit down with a laptop, socialize or collaborate on a project.

This style is called “resimercial” and it connects you to the outdoors while providing a comforting and inviting space to work in.