Project Case Study


Crafting Galderma's Modern Office Space in the Seaport District

In Boston’s vibrant Seaport District, Galderma, a prominent pharmaceutical company, sought to establish a new office in New England with Infinity Group. Our mission: to seamlessly integrate their global brand identity into a 10,000 square foot collaborative workspace. Infinity Group delivered a comprehensive overhaul of the interior space within the One Marina Park building, ensuring every detail aligned with Galderma’s brand standards. From sleek reception areas to innovative boardrooms featuring switchable smart glass, our design solutions were tailored to elevate functionality while reinforcing Galderma’s brand presence. With strategic signage throughout, Infinity Group successfully crafted a modern office space that not only reflected Galderma’s reputation but also fostered an environment conducive to growth and innovation.

Project Details




Lausanne, Switzerland


Boston, MA


10,000 sqft

“My favorite feature is the switchable smart glass in the boardroom, which offers privacy on demand without compromising the room’s access to natural light and views,” shared Olivia Powers, Infinity Group Workplace Designer.