Project Case Study


Creating Biomerics' Regional Business Hub with Infinity Group

Biomerics partnered with Infinity Group initially for a smaller office extension project, which expanded to encompass the entire building over the course of a year. Infinity Group facilitated visioning workshops to understand Biomerics’ business goals and how space could support their growth. With a vision to transform the location into a regional business hub, Infinity Group’s design team collaborated closely with Biomerics leadership and marketing teams to create an impressive lobby and café area. This involved holistically integrating an elevated design aesthetic both inside and outside of the building, reflecting Biomerics’ commitment to excellence, innovation, and fostering a dynamic workplace environment.

Project Details




Salt Lake City, UT


Monroe, CT


63,000 sqft

Sue Estronza, a Biomerics employee who works in quality control is most impressed by the natural light in the new spaces. She said, “You can see the outdoors, it’s more clear. The outcome of it looks modern. It motivates us to come to work, and it feels brand new.”