Balancing Boldness and Business: The Barbiecore Trend in Corporate Office Interiors


In the ever-evolving world of interior design, trends come and go, each leaving a unique mark on the spaces we inhabit. One such trend that has recently gained attention is Barbiecore – an exuberant and playful aesthetic inspired by the iconic Barbie doll’s dreamy world and the Barbie summer blockbuster movie. While the Barbiecore trend has its allure and appeal, it may not always be the best fit for the majority of corporate office interiors. In this blog, we explore the aspects of Barbiecore that make it stand out and why its exuberance might require careful consideration for corporate settings.

What is Barbiecore?

Barbiecore is an emerging interior design trend that takes inspiration from the iconic Barbie doll’s dreamy world and the vibrant aesthetics of the Barbie summer blockbuster movie. At its core, Barbiecore embraces a whimsical and playful aesthetic, characterized by vibrant colors, bold patterns, and a sense of exuberance. Drawing from Barbie’s glamorous and fantasy-filled universe, this trend seeks to infuse spaces with a lively and creative atmosphere. Barbiecore celebrates authenticity and unapologetically embraces eye-catching design elements to create spaces that captivate and inspire. With its unique charm and nostalgic appeal, Barbiecore has garnered attention in the interior design world, offering an opportunity to inject fun and excitement into various environments. However, while Barbiecore can be a delightful choice for certain settings, it might require thoughtful consideration when applied to corporate office interiors, where a delicate balance between creativity and professionalism is essential.

Corporate Identity and Authenticity

Infinity Group’s Design Team dreamed up the corporate headquarters for XMONDO which embraces many of the fundamentals of this trend, vibrant colors and neon. However most businesses seek a design that aligns with their brand identity while maintaining a certain level of formality. As Laura Tremko, Director of Design at Infinity Group, explains, “We believe in creating spaces that reflect the company’s core values while infusing elements of creativity to foster a unique and inspiring atmosphere.”

Tailoring Design to Employee Focus and Well-being

While the Barbiecore trend can inspire creativity, it might not be conducive to long-term employee focus and well-being. The vibrant colors and bold patterns could be visually stimulating but also distracting. Many employees require a serene and calming environment to concentrate on their tasks effectively. Laura Tremko emphasizes the importance of a harmonious blend of colors and thoughtful design elements that foster productivity and a positive work atmosphere without compromising creativity. According to her, “At Infinity Group, we prioritize the well-being of employees and carefully design spaces that promote focus and comfort, enhancing overall work satisfaction.”

Timeless Design for Longevity

Incorporating trendy aesthetics like Barbiecore into corporate office interiors can pose a challenge in terms of longevity. Trends tend to fade, and what appears fresh today may become dated in a few years. To ensure enduring appeal, Infinity Group prioritizes timeless design choices and incorporates playful touches through accessories and artwork. Laura Tremko believes that “combining timeless elements with occasional trendy accents allows our clients to enjoy the best of both worlds – a design that stands the test of time while keeping the workplace dynamic and engaging.”

Considering Client Perception

Corporate offices often host crucial meetings with clients, investors, and stakeholders. The ambiance of the space can significantly influence how the company is perceived. While the Barbiecore trend might impress some, it could be seen as too whimsical and unprofessional by others. Laura Tremko underlines the importance of understanding the client base and industry, ensuring that the office design aligns with the expectations of their key stakeholders. “We collaborate closely with our clients to comprehend their target audience and create a design that resonates with their brand, industry, and client expectations,” she affirms. Some of the design choices for the XMONDO space are in the callouts below.


The Barbiecore aesthetic offers a bold and playful option with a unique charm for interior design. While it can enliven and inspire creativity in certain environments, incorporating Barbiecore into corporate office interiors requires thoughtful consideration. Striking the right balance between creativity and professionalism while staying true to the company’s brand and culture is essential. As Laura Tremko, Infinity Group’s Director of Design, eloquently summarizes, “By customizing design solutions that reflect the essence of each organization, we empower businesses to thrive in workspaces that are not only visually appealing but also promote productivity and well-being.”

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