Disadvantages to Using the Traditional Method of Commercial Construction

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We’ve covered the advantages of design-build construction for commercial office space, we shared a blog about the topic that you can read here. But sometimes it helps to understand the contrast of going the traditional route.

There are several potential disadvantages to using the traditional method of commercial construction, which involves hiring an architect and a general contractor separately. Here are some of the disadvantages.

1. Lack of coordination

Because the architect and general contractor work separately, there may be a lack of coordination between the design and construction phases. This can lead to conflicts, delays, and cost overruns.

2. Limited accountability

With two separate entities involved, it may be difficult to determine who is responsible for any issues that arise during construction. This can lead to finger-pointing and delays in resolving problems.

3. Limited budget control

Because the architect and general contractor work independently, it may be more difficult to control costs and stay within budget. The design may be completed before the contractor is involved, which can make it harder to make adjustments to the design to fit within budget constraints.

4. Longer project timelines

The traditional method of construction can result in longer project timelines, as the architect and general contractor must work sequentially rather than concurrently. This can lead to delays in completing the project, which can impact the timeline for occupancy and revenue generation.

5. Limited design input from the contractor

When the contractor is not involved in the design phase, they may not have the opportunity to provide input on construction methods, materials, or other aspects that can impact the overall cost and schedule of the project.

Companies who have tried our design-build methodology return because it works better for them, and they have more control throughout the whole process. You can see some of our work here.

These are some of the potential disadvantages of the traditional method of commercial construction using an architect and a general contractor separately. However, it is worth noting that every construction project is unique, and every company has different needs.

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