Fall Design Ideas for Offices

It’s that time of year when we gravitate toward cozier textures, colors, and vibes. Here’s what is on our Infinity Group Design team’s radar this season. In this blog we cover the three commercial interior design trends for Fall 2022. And our team thinks many of these concepts are here to stay. We’re talking about ideas that embody the essence of fall.

“When I think of fall, I think of cooler nights, crisp mornings, bright comfortable afternoons perfect for a walk outside, and depending on where I’m working or visiting in the country, a comfortable sweater and warm coffee,” said Infinity Group Workplace Designer Kaley Slater.


Believe it or not, even shades of white can be warm. Take for example Blank Canvas by Behr paints. In fact, it’s their color of the year for 2023.

“It’s not a stark white or a clinical white, it really pairs well with other deep earthy tones closely associated with autumn,” said Laura Tremko, Infinity Group Director of Design.

“I like dramatic, saturated colors as much as the next designer, but warm whites set a calm mood ripe for complimentary pieces,” said Tremko.

Where should you consider warm white tones for your commercial office space? Tremko suggests this color for corridors, entryways, and staff cafés.


At this point, you’ve probably heard about the importance of resimercial design in corporate offices spaces, especially as companies are encouraging a return to the office this fall. And to take resimercial up a notch this season, corporate spaces can take cues from high-end hotels. It’s true, many features of a great resort can also translate to the office setting. And fitting into our autumn theme, everyone likes to feel comforted and taken care of as the temperatures start to cool off outside.

“It’s all about the experience,” said Olivia Powers, Infinity Group Workspace Designer.

“The kind of music that is playing, the scents, and even the kind of coffee available all set the mood for a space, “said Powers.

“When you get it right it’s way more than resimercial, it’s essentially hospitality at its finest,” said Tremko.


A trend that Kaley is noticing with our corporate clients, especially those with a high percentage of Gen-Z and millennial employees, is commercial-grade furniture in throwback colors and styles.

“Some of it looks like it’s straight out of a Mad Men episode, very 60s and 70s in style, but 2022 in construction and comfort,” said Slater.

Midcentury commercial grade furniture in orange, green, turquoise, brown, and yellow are making their way back into office interiors, reminding us of days gone by. If you’re not ready to go all in on this style but want to try it, our designers recommend picking some smaller pieces like side tables or throw pillows to refresh your space.


If you’re ready for a refresh of your space to help you encourage people back to the office, we’re ready to partner with you. Even if your employees have returned to your office space, our expert team at Infinity Group can help you make the most of your square footage to achieve your business goals and energize your people. Contact us today.