Virtual Reality – The Infinity Group Way

Seeing is believing.

This blog is all about the unmatched power of Infinity Group’s Virtual Reality Experience.

Are you a business leader ready to create the perfect space for your people?

We have 20 years of experience, designing and building commercial spaces. Contact us to jumpstart your brainstorming sessions with a custom Infinity Group Virtual Reality Experience.

Are you a commercial real estate professional looking for a winning edge?

We partner with commercial real estate brokers and property managers across the country. With our combined technology and expertise, we can help you show potential commercial tenants what’s possible for a space you are leasing. Reach out to get started.

Take the first few steps and look around

Natural light is pouring through large windows, the texture of the wood-look floor tiles is on point, the workstations your team chose have just the right amount of privacy without walling off the space. Now, take a few more steps across the large open space to admire the retractable acoustical wall panels that mark the beginning of the huddle space lined with comfy booths.

Next, take a few more steps

Take a moment to marvel at the beautiful white with grey flecks engineered quartz countertop finish on the island in your café area. There are electrical outlets to charge a phone or a laptop. Even the potted plants your Infinity Group designer recommended are in the corner and the preserved moss behind your logo in the lobby looks great.

Sounds like a dream office, right?

It’s got all the makings of a top-notch commercial space to help you achieve your business goals, right? Well, everything we just describe doesn’t exist yet, it’s what’s possible with Infinity Group Virtual Reality!

Now take that incredible space we’ve built for you in virtual reality and imagine what it would look like if you added a wall for more privacy instead of using acoustical panels – done. Your wish is our command in the Infinity Group Virtual Reality experience. We can show you changes like this and so much more with the click of the mouse. We can also accurately and instantly show you what a change like this would cost. Infinity Group Virtual Reality was utilized before starting on this Infinity Group project in Austin, Texas.

Not all virtual reality is created equal

Infinity Group Virtual Reality is top tier technology. That’s because we’ve invested the time and resources to build the best virtual world. We make sure all of the products and materials we use for Infinity Group projects are ready in the virtual environment. Want to try more budget-friendly booths in the café area? We can do that. Are you ready to splurge on a textured commercial grade area rug in the lobby? We can do it. Take a look at this bold space we created in Jersey City.

Take a video tour right now

We’ve created a video to show you the power of the Infinity Group Virtual Reality experience.