What is it Like to Work With Infinity Group?

A lot of companies will share reasons why they are the best. Why their process is the best, why they’re smarter, faster, or more efficient than their competition.

But what about the people?

What is it like to work with them? That question sparked the idea to write this blog about what it’s like to team up with Infinity Group on your next commercial design-led build project.

We’ll keep it simple.

We will share some short testimonials from our customers, and we’ll also get the perspective from a few key members of our Infinity Group team.

A team you can trust.

Here’s what Ben Stolfi shared. Ben is on our Construction Implementation team.

“Working with Infinity Group is great because we make you feel like part of a team. While of course there is a management structure, the door is open to reach out to any member of the management team. Also, I really appreciate the transparency given at all levels, and especially with my direct manager. It makes work less stressful knowing you can freely express yourself and know that you will be heard. Our team is united. That’s good for our clients.”

We are coordinated.

One of our clients, Dan Hobbs, Belimo Vice President, Production Americas said this about working with us. See photos from their project here.

“Infinity Group came in to do an interior office space rebuild in a very busy manufacturing environment. Having a senior site manager on location every day meant coordination with the Belimo team was top notch with no impact on the business. Excellent management and communication, and a very high-quality finished product, on time and on budget!”

We pay attention to details.

We recently worked with Michael Lieske, Sennheisser Director of Operations on a workplace redesign project. During this work, he and his team appreciated Infinity Group’s attention to detail, especially when working on site to keep adjacent operations running without disruption.

“It is a running business, and we can’t afford to clear the building for one of these projects. So, we needed someone who could work with us to get it done.”

Stress-free is the way to be.

And here’s what our Director of Design, Laura Tremko has to say.

“This is what happened during a recent meeting that shows what it’s like to work with our integrated team. In our previous meetings with this client, they were interested in using Infinity Group for Strategy, Design, Architecture, and Engineering. And at first, they were thinking about using a separate general contractor to build out their space. After our team presented to them and shared our expertise in managing design-led build projects all over the country for 20 years, they had a lightbulb moment. They realized that letting Infinity Group manage all of the subcontractor bidding and taking care of the construction is the best way to go. Because of that, the project process will also be more enjoyable for them with less stress.”

We’re creative and experienced.

Jeff Schwartz, who helps Infinity Group secure building permits on behalf of our clients, shared this.

“Our team is great to work with because we’ve got both creativity and experience. We get the job done right. That’s because we have it all under one roof. My primary role as a project coordinator in the construction mobilization team is ensure that each project receives permits and other municipal approvals and to assist our team in handing the project off to our construction implementation team. This makes the project run smoothly for our clients.”

We help you find opportunities.

Infinity Group Architecture Lead Kasandra Antoine said this about the team.

“To work with Infinity Group has been truly an amazing opportunity so far. Having the freedom to choose my environment gives me an opportunity to be in a creative space to produce more. Also, the culture at infinity Group is so warming. As a team, we really stick together to achieve great things. I’m happy to be a part of that. It means more enjoyable meetings with our clients. We also take a forward-thinking approach and we look for opportunities in their spaces.”

Let’s go.

Are you ready to find out what it’s like working with Infinity Group for yourself? Contact us today to get your project started.