National Presence – Local Focus

We are a design-driven architecture and construction firm.

For 20 years, Infinity Group has been creating memorable spaces nationwide. Our founders started off in the trades and discovered a problem. When companies hire an architect, designer, and builder separately – projects are more stressful, complicated, and costly. Infinity Group was founded as the solution.

And we know, a talented team of construction professionals is key to our success. This is where our our national presence and local focus really comes to life.

What national presence, local focus means

Here at Infinity Group, we exist because of our agility. We get to know you and your team. As a result, we create a strategy that is uniquely yours. Our team loves a challenge. As a company completing projects across the United States, we have a view of the big picture. We can share insights about what some of the leading companies are doing in different markets. That’s the power of our national presence. And no matter where your projects are located, we commit to a local focus. And that’s where our Infinity Group Construction team comes in.

How we work, for you

Here at Infinity Group, we call our construction professionals Project Leads. The team is led by our Director of Construction – Implementation. Some Project Leads have been with the company since our founding. As a result, we have experience you can trust. We also have a Preconstruction team and a Procurement team to make the project construction experience even better for our clients.

On-site project management is essential

That’s why all of our ongoing Infinity Group projects have an assigned Project Lead. They run the weekly status meetings with our clients and the rest of the Infinity Group team assigned to the project. Meanwhile, they also manage day to day operations and safety on the construction site. That means handling multiple key components of a successful Infinity Group project:

  1. Coordinating the trades
  2. Working with the client to mitigate interruptions
  3. Keeping the project on schedule
  4. Maintaining the project’s budget
  5. Keeping the design and function of the project on track
  6. Documenting project progress for the client and the Infinity Group team
  7. Always seeing the big picture

Little details matter

The way a project comes together on site takes a lot of coordination. That’s where our Project Leads really shine. Our Infinity Group method is another reason things run so smoothly for our clients. We are an integrated team managing all aspects of the project. That means there are no hand-offs between different companies. As a result, the designers who dreamed up the project with the client work alongside the Infinity Group teams managing architecture, engineering, and construction.

Happy clients

Take a look at the stunning project we completed for a German-owned electronics company. They dreamed of creating an employee-centered space for their United States headquarters. Infinity Group collaborated with Sennheiser’s leadership team to make it happen with a style in perfect harmony with the company’s clean, crisp vibe. We also completed the work with minimal interruptions.

“It is a running business, and we can’t afford to clear the building for one of these projects, so we needed someone who could work with us to get it done,” said Michael Lieske, Sennheisser Director of Operations.

Ready to trust your next project with our talented team?

Contact us today to get the conversation started. And while you’re at it, take a look at some of the unforgettable projects we’ve completed for clients across the United States. In house construction is just one of the many ways we Make Work Beautiful.