A Day in the Life of a Client Development Manager

Here at Infinity Group, a Client Development Manager oversees, nurtures, and expands current client relationships and establishes new ones.

What’s it like to be a Client Development Manager at a commercial design and build firm?

Hi my name is Catherine Woods. Follow me for the day for an inside look! Everyday for me is truly different, and some days are busier than others. Today, I will be traveling, so it’s on the busier side.

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On the move

I will be heading to New York City with our Director of Client Relations, Corey Edwards. We’re in New York for a client meeting to discuss their office relocation plans. We are meeting with the office manager and CFO of the company.

But first, coffee

I grab my morning coffee and begin my commute to the Infinity Group studio. Once I get to the studio, I will hop on my morning meetings. I go through my emails and see if there is anything pressing that I need to get done before we head to New York.

Preparation is key

I gather materials for our meeting in New York City. I am bringing our Infinity Group Look Book, brochures, an example proposal, and my business cards. You can browse our latest Look Book here!

My colleague and I drive to the train that will take us right to Grand Central. The ride is about an hour and a half, so we have plenty of time to catch up on emails, take calls, etc. During this time, I get myself organized and prepped for our client meeting.

We arrive at Grand Central and get there almost an hour early, so we locate the nearest Starbucks for a quick coffee fix. The company we were meeting with was within walking distance, so we get to get our steps in and enjoy all the commotion going on around us.  So many people were out and about taking phone calls, running to their next meetings, waiting for taxis, walking, and talking with friends and colleagues. It was really promising to see New York City filled with so much liveliness.

Our meeting went well

Our meeting was great and ended right in time for lunch. We were able to stop quickly for a bite to eat in Grand Central before we had to hop on our train home. On our ride home we sent emails, hopped on calls, and discussed next steps with our New York client.

Back to the studio

We get back to the office around 4 so it’s close to the end of the day. Here is a shot of our studio above. I hop back on my computer and wrap up any remaining tasks for the day and prepare myself for tomorrow.

Ready to Make Work Beautiful?

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