National Law Office – Behind the Design

Smart companies and organizations are using sophisticated strategies to encourage their people to return to in-person collaboration. That has manifested in different ways for different teams. And much of it is based on a company’s geographical locations as well as their corporate culture and identity. Infinity Group is working with top companies to create memorable spaces that inspire.

In this blog we are going behind the scenes with our Director of Design Laura Tremko. She will show you how a company is taking a modern twist on their new law offices in Austin, Texas. You can also click any of the photos in this blog to get connected to our team to get your own project moving.


The leadership team at the company approached Infinity Group with an exciting design challenge. They wanted to create a workspace that embraced the future of work and honored the tried-and-true commercial office fundamentals their team expects. In the Austin, market talent attraction and retention is a major focus. Creating fantastic personal working spaces is also a must for this company.


The people that will be using the space are driving all of our decisions. For example, our team listened closely to the needs of the company’s leadership team to create a custom reception desk. A visitor to the office is welcomed by a friendly face of the receptionist that can be seen in the middle ADA-compliant lower part of the desk. Standing height transaction counters are tall enough to hide their monitors. A custom-size shelving on the inside of the desk holds a printer of a specific size. Then, plants on the desk, and the moss on the back wall of the reception area bring biophilic warmth to the otherwise minimalistic interior. A custom logo installation behind the desk provides modern company branding. Linear light fixtures elevate the traditional grid-and-tile ceiling.

“A breathtaking view of the Austin skyline is afforded through the floor-to-ceiling glass wall separating the boardroom from the reception area,” said Director of Design Laura Tremko.


The space comes alive with color and materials that blend the company’s brand colors with an elevated traditional vibe. Then for wood elements, the client wanted Amber Cherry. Our team sourced green moss wall panels, greys, warmer cream tones, and quartz surfaces with elements of both grey and cream to subtly tie it all together.


The new café area gives an unexpected (for a law firm) pop of color. The bottom cabinets are rendered in the company’s blue brand color. The design overall is a nod to modern residential kitchen design with a major island with a waterfall quartz moment that steals the show.

Tremko said, “Seating at different levels allows individuals and groups to find their favorite spot for lunch or a quick meeting over fresh coffee while providing ADA compliance in a thoughtful way.”


Our Design, Preconstruction, and Client Relations teams shared our initial plans with the company, and it was warmly received. Physically, we’re starting with a blank space. On the emotional level, we’ve all learned so much over the past few years about work patterns, preferences in the office, and how to encourage collaboration. Our team is excited as this project moves forward.