A Day in the Life of a Workplace Designer

What’s it like to be a commercial interior designer at Infinity Group? We follow along with Infinity Group Workspace Designer Olivia Powers to show what it’s like behind the scenes.

Olivia also covers it all in a TikTok video she shared on our new TikTok page.

Olivia starts her day with a big coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. There’s a lot of designing ahead of her, lots of work to make beautiful!

She arrives at our Hartford Studio. She takes in the beautiful view from our space here. Did you know that this office used to belong to just four lawyers? You can read about the transformation of our Hartford studio’s story here. Now, up to 30 people activate this space at any given time. We’ve got collaboration spaces, a casual and open café area, a design library (Olivia’s favorite for obvious reasons), and expansive views of the city.

We love it because our own space is a great example of how square footage can be maximized. There’s also natural light for all. Plants are abundant, and digital connectivity is a must.

Once in the studio, Olivia will log on to her computer, check emails, and get prepared for any scheduled meetings for the day. “Before I even start my work for the day I like to make a game plan, this way I can be the most prepped and present at any meetings. It also helps me stay productive throughout the day,” says Olivia. The first meeting of the day is her 9:30 Design meeting with Director of Design Laura Tremko who is also based in Hartford and fellow Workplace Designer Kaley Slater who works out of Infinity Group’s Austin studio. In this meeting they discuss and delegate tasks for the day. Explore one of our incredible workplace design projects in San Antonio, Texas. They’re working through things like, which projects are priority right now and are there any projects where they need to solve a creative challenge to keep it moving.

After the morning meeting, Olivia picks back up on design work on the computer. On this particular day she is working on some project perspectives for a presentation she has later in the week. “I love my job because everyday is truly different and inspiring. Each project is so unique and different from the last. I have a lot of fun coming up with ideas and problem solving for each individual clients needs,” Olivia explains. After a few hours of design work on the computer, it’s lunchtime with coworkers.

While making an afternoon coffee in the studio, Olivia noticed some packages were delivered to the studio. She opens them to find samples from vendors. She put them away in our Infinity Group Design Library and also organize this space a bit.

Now it’s back onto the computer to continue doing some Revit (a design application) work as well as finish up any tasks she had for the day. Olivia shares that “throughout the day as I am completing my individual design work I am always meeting with other team members to collaborate with them. Since we are a design build firm I often work very closely with other teams to make the finished product even better.” She had one more meeting with Kaley, the other Workspace Designer, to update each other on their progress for the day and wrap up any remaining tasks they had. “My favorite part about working at Infinity Group is the culture. Everyone is so supportive of one another. We are always learning and growing as a team,” Olivia states.

Our talented Design team is ready to get to work on your next commercial design and build project. Contact them today to get started. Did you know that we also offer the Infinity Group Virtual Reality Experience? You can learn more about that here. Also, see some of their incredible work on our Infinity Group projects page.