What to Expect When You Work With Infinity Group

So, we say we are a design-driven architecture an construction firm. We say we offer strategy, design, architecture, engineering, and construction. What does that actually mean? Great questions. Here’s an overview about what to expect when you work with Infinity Group.

We thought it would be helpful to explain what happens when you work with Infinity Group on a commercial design and build project. Big picture, it means that Infinity Group is going to be your single point of accountability from the start until the end of your project. There are five main components of our work: strategy, design, architecture, engineering, and construction. Every project is a little different because all our clients have unique needs and challenges. However, there is a general flow for most projects, and that’s what we’re going to share in this blog.


Congratulations! You’ve just signed your project with Infinity Group. It’s time to get to work. At this point our team already has a good idea about what you want to accomplish with a physical space. But it’s time to dig even deeper. Depending on the size of your team, that could mean staff surveys, executive leadership workshops, and face to face or video conversations with key stakeholders. We will examine your company’s workflow, the needs of different teams, and how your physical space can support all of it. Our expert team will interview you and your people and lead discussions about the latest workspace trends in different markets. Then when the data has been collected, we will crunch the numbers and work on the best solution.


For many of our clients this is the part of the project that starts to get really exciting. You will literally start to see what your new space will look like. This is also where you will get the Infinity Group Virtual Reality experience. Here’s a video overview of Infinity Group Virtual Reality. Our expert Infinity Group Design team will work closely with you to map out a floor plan, pick inspiration photos, and start to land on the overall story your space will tell. Yes, we’re talking about the fun stuff: colors, textures, plants, natural light, maximizing your views, and more. Take a look at what our design team created for a corporate HQ in San Antonio, Texas. The Design team will also create the schematic design.


Now it’s time to actually draw technical drawings to make sure that all of your requirements and design elements can be carried out in the built world. Our Architecture team will create the technical construction document. What does that mean? It means that they will created a drawing that will include everything you will need to go through permitting. These are the documents that you will approve and then they will be shared with the engineers and construction crews on your project. Some things included in the drawings from the Architecture team are a demolition plans if needed, a new construction plan, a ceiling plain, elevations, and also a finish plan.


Will it all work? The engineering phase can sometimes be a tricky one. Our Engineering team is focused on balancing two important priorities. We will work with you to bring your dream to life while also honoring the reality of the physical space you are in from an engineering standpoint. This phase is important because any challenges identified here can save time and money in the construction portion of your project. If you’ve ever appreciated the saying, “Measure twice, cut once,” then you will understand the value of proper engineering work before demolition begins.


Now it’s time for the build. Drawing from all the previous phases, the Infinity Group construction team gets to work. The Construction team will work in your space with a team of specialists handling different trades. Infinity Group’s construction team will minimize disruptions to your day to day operations. Your designated Infinity Group Project Lead will conduct a weekly meeting with your internal project team. When the work is done, we will professionally clean your space. We also turn over documents and manuals for any new pieces added to your space. Tour one of our recently completed projects here.

That’s how we Make Work Beautiful, start to finish. This is not a complete overview of everything that happens. We wanted to share this as very high level overview so you know what to expect. Our friendly team is ready to help you start your own project. Contact us today. Here’s a portfolio of our recent work.