Experience driven spaces are in!

Build it and they will come Build experience-driven spaces and they will come

Experience driven spaces are in! The physical workspace can reinforce positive feelings and behaviors. As a result, companies are investing in their people by investing in stunning spaces. Companies and organizations are providing health and wellness amenities in offices to excite and entice employees to return. Recruiting and retaining top talent is more difficult than ever. Creating inspiring spaces that are experience-driven can help your firm reclaim and enhance its culture.

Experience-driven spaces defined

Our working definition of experience-driven spaces is pretty straight forward. It means that the purpose or what you want people to do in a space is the driving force behind creating it. Think about it, you may not really need all the square footage you needed before the pandemic. If you want to spark friendly collaboration in your spaces, that is the experience you are driving. When you get clear on that first, the rest really falls into place.

Options on options

Can you picture it now? *day-dreaming commence* You get into the office early, and you need some fuel to get into work mode. You head over to the yoga studio which is located in your office building to feel energized. After your yoga sesh you enter your office and head to the kitchen to make your favorite coffee from the high-tech espresso machine. As you head over to your desk, you’re feeling the need for a change of scenery. You can choose to work in one of the large conference rooms with other colleagues for some collaboration work. Or you take the single window seat in the “quiet area” for some heads down focused work. It’s there that you think to yourself how lucky am I to have options in helping get my best work done.

Employee-centric vibes

Workplace experience considers how the design of your workplace and technology might help your company achieve greater results. Providing the right tools and technology to your staff adds value to the office experience. Your working environment can also boost employee engagement. Younger talent entering the workforce today is looking for something more from their workplace. They want to feel connected to the environment they are working in. They also want to feel valued by their employer. Adding vibrant and lively colors to a workplace packed with amenities is the perfect way to keep employees and guests engaged. See how we did just that to this TaskUs space delivered by Infinity Group! Your company’s human-centric workplace can serve your people and their individual demands in the workplace. Your organization should think about the design features that will benefit and entice your employees to come into the office. When it all comes together, it becomes an environment where they can thrive.

Investing in your space = investing in your people

Chicago Booth Review came out with an article that shows the impacts of working from home. You can check it out here. The poll found that working from home has surpassed the expectations of participants. What’s more, participants wish to continue working from home when the pandemic is over—even more frequently than their employers anticipate. If your employees are skeptical about getting back into the office, there are ways to create excitement. Welcome your people back to a space that they look forward to coming into. Investing in your space is investing in your people as well!

Infinity Group is a design and construction firm with a better approach to reimagining workspaces. Our team is made up of designers, architects, engineers, and we also serve as the general contractor. We help clients get clear on the purpose of their office. Whether you are looking to reimagine your current space or need help finding a new space altogether, our team can help. Need help brainstorming ways to bring your people back into a space they will thank you for? Set up a call with our team members today to create your very own experience-driven office space!