Here at Infinity Group, we love a good reveal. Who doesn’t? You know what we’re talking about – the glossy images of a stunning completed project. Just for good measure, here are a few of our recent favorites: XMONDO, TaskUs, and Sennheiser.

What’s even better? When our clients love our work so much, they share their completed space with the world on social media and in testimonials.

“You guys delivered, it definitely enhances the mood.” said Quanette Kirby, Director of Administration, Connecticut Conference of Municipalities.

That feels great! Believe it or not, it gets even better for us. Our method may not be the flashiest thing we share or talk about, but it’s why our clients want to work with us on their projects.





  1. a particular form of procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established one.


We get it, methods can be a little dry to talk about. No one is clamoring to create an HGTV show or a Netflix series about a design and build method. But honestly, our better method for completing projects is the number one reason our clients become super fans of our work.

We offer a cohesive package of services to design and build better spaces. Start to finish, you have a clear view of the design, function, investment, and schedule. We have improved the traditional process because our clients deserve better – an exceptional client experience and a beautiful final project delivered on time and on budget.


Commercial offices, specialized daycares, workspaces in industrial operations, high end senior living amenity spaces, next generation veterinarian offices, and well-appointed wellness clinics – using our method is best way to guarantee design, function, budget, and schedule. The final product of our different projects can look and function very different in the end depending on our clients’ needs. But one thing all our projects share – usage of the Infinity Group method and that means a team approach amongst ourselves and with our clients.


When you work with Infinity Group, we collaborate with your team on the four major areas of a project:

  • Strategy
  • Architecture and Engineering – Schematic Design
  • Architecture and Engineering – Design Documentation
  • Construction

In short, we work together on figuring out what you need, and what it will take to get there. Then we design and draw it. Next, we work on finalizing drawings to prepare for construction. And then, we build it. There’s more involved, but we’re just talking basics here.

When you compare our method with the traditional method, you can really understand stark differences. The biggest being that with the traditional method you’re going to be working with multiple companies, like an architect and general contractor separately. When the team is split up like this, who do you think is responsible for making them work together nicely so you get what you want? That’s right, you are.


At Infinity Group, our integrated team of designers, architects, and builders are all at the table from day one to make sure that what you want at the beginning is delivered at the end. It’s as simple as that. Accountability isn’t complicated when it’s in your DNA.

So, you probably understand by now why we love our method and why our clients love it too. It lives to solve problems. It’s who we are. It’s the uncomplicated way we make work beautiful. Contact us to get started today.