A brand-new workspace redesign project is about to get underway. But at this early stage, what’s even more interesting is the technology that we’re using to capture the existing conditions inside this building.

It starts by setting up the tripod and bringing it to the right height. Using the touch screen, Infinity Group Collaborative Technology Manager Ryan Monarch adjusts the settings so that the machine knows what it’s about to scan. Then, we press go.

This is where things get interesting. From the starting position the laser scanner starts spinning. If you get up real close you can hear the Infinity Group Smart Scanner working. Overall it’s pretty quiet, like the hum of a refrigerator.

First things, first

But let’s back up for a second. Before Infinity Group even enters a job to capture a space there’s a lot of planning that happens first.

“We analyze the space and understand potentially how many scan locations we’re going to use. We understand the space and how it exists. There are a lot of settings on this camera and to push the right buttons so to speak is pretty important.”

Infinity Group Preconstruction Manager Jeffrey Gustis explains that the Infinity Group Smart Scanner is picking up data points with the best technology and speed available.

“Depending on the settings it’s going to spin for about a minute and a half and it’s going to capture a 360-degree view of the space that you’re in, said Gustis.

It’s more than a model

And that scan isn’t just capturing what the space looks like, it’s capturing important measurements for the Infinity Group team.

You can see a video overview of the Infinity Group Smart Scanner here.

“Basically, it sends out a laser. The laser comes back and hits the camera and understands depth and that’s the measurement tool that’s installed inside the camera.”

It’s all about precision.

Infinity Group’s Preconstruction, Design, Architecture and Engineering, and Construction teams benefit from the accuracy and detail of this laser scan. Our clients get exact measurements in a quick turnaround keeping projects on or ahead of schedule. Check out some of our recent projects here.

The Infinity Group Smart Scanner brings teams closer.

It also allows our team and our clients to virtually revisit a space anytime, anywhere. Think about it, everyone on a meeting will have the same point of reference as changes and upgrades are considered.

“Infinity Group is interested in advancing in technology and utilizing our resources more efficiently when we do walk on site. This piece of equipment and this technology is just one tool in our toolbox.”

So first it was a tape measure, then it was a laser measuring device. Now it’s the Infinity Group Smart Scanner. It’s just one more way we Make Work Beautiful.

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