Upsizing? Downsizing? Right now, it’s all about rightsizing – making sense of a flexible office.

OK, that sounds great! But what does that mean exactly?

The fundamentals of rightsizing

We believe the core elements of rightsizing for your company and people also apply to the physical workspace your people occupy.

A Houston Chronicle article explains the people side of rightsizing versus downsizing.

Changing marketing conditions, fluctuating customer trends, and pivoting internal goals may cause some businesses to rethink their human resources strategy. To meet the organization’s goals, businesses may be required to let go of some employees, hire new ones, and shift others around. When done strategically to meet organizational objectives, this is called rightsizing.

Pandemic, remote work, flexible schedules, and cultural shifts have changed everything

You know this is true. But what does it mean for that 5-year lease you have on a space in the cool building downtown that now sits half empty? Many of the companies we are working with here at Infinity Group have been intentional about building flexibility into their newly renovated offices. Companies are also getting serious about shedding extra office square footage.

That plan starts with your people

What do your people want? What do they need? How often are people working remotely? And which activities do they miss from the traditional office?

While most companies are taking those questions seriously, they are moving forward in different ways.

Corey Edwards, Infinity Group Director of Client Relations said, “Some leadership teams are figuratively fumbling in the dark for their keys. They’re hoping to unlock the perfect mix for an uncertain future. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’re here to help you make sense of this moment.”

Then, other leaders are allowing employees to work however they want, wherever they want. And another tactic is employers mandating the return to offices, with little wiggle room.

Which way to go?

Infinity Group helps companies assess their current business goals and priorities. With that information, we develop a strategy for how physical square footage can support the company goals and priorities. And then, we design and build the space. Whether your people have returned to your offices already or plan to, here’s three things to keep in mind.

  • First, take a step back and asses your needs today and do some work to anticipate and forecast your needs for the future.
  • Remember, not all square footage is created equal. It’s about what you do with the space. Let’s say your current environment is more traditional. Have you considered convertible collaborative spaces? Maybe it’s a café that doubles as a team meeting room. And what about limiting the number of private offices in favor of more room for meeting booths?
  • Go big on amenities to make the office space feel more like home. Installing comfortable furniture, interesting textures, and modern conveniences will help.

Infinity Group is a nationwide firm that designs and builds beautiful spaces.

Do the right thing and Make Work Beautiful for your people returning to the office. Contact our team today to get started.