Flexible Office Strategy, Design, and Construction Checklist

So, your company wants an office designed and built to be flexible – supporting remote, in person, and hybrid work schedules? What does that look like? Where do you begin?

You’re in the right place for answers.

Here at Infinity Group, we’ve been designing and building spaces for more than 15 years. More recently, we’ve been tapped to help companies plan and carry out a return to office strategy centered around flexibility. You can get a sneak peek at the return to office work we’re doing for Xmondo here.

Here are 3 things you will want on your flexible office design checklist.

1. Design for change

That sounds big, but it’s really about practicality. A good workspace designer can build flexibility into your floor plan. Creative and convertible furniture options, movable desk partitions, tables and seating that roll and can be locked in place are just a few ideas to consider.

Check out this café area we designed and built in Austin, Texas for Ocean Infinity. It doubles as a large staff meeting space with television screens ready for presentations if needed.

These multipurpose areas can also be used for collaboration, hoteling, or some impromptu social interactions. This is where creative energy can flow and where new ideas and concepts are born.

2. Technology is everything

There’s nothing worse than fumbling through old technology or web cameras minutes before an important zoom call. That’s why every flexible workspace needs to make strengthening technology infrastructure a priority. A reliable Wi-Fi signal in every part of the office is paramount.

Some other popular flexible office technology features include furniture with electrical and USB outlets to power your device, TV screens with cloud or Wi-Fi capabilities to catch up with a working-from-home colleague, and work cafes with charging stations and high-tech coffee machines.

3. Fall in love with pieces (and some in a similar style)

What does this mean? Curating furniture for a flexible office in the current conditions requires everyone (including you the client) to be flexible about the options available. To keep a project on budget and on schedule given the recent supply chain issues, our expert team will hold your original design vision while also communicating the reality of lead times. Perhaps charcoal grey couches aren’t available for 16 weeks, but the same couch in a slightly different color can be delivered in 3 weeks. This supply chain insight and client flexibility is a winning combination for getting into your upgraded space on time.

If you want to get employees excited about returning to the office, it’s going to take more than dusting off old cubicles. This checklist is a great way to kickstart your plans to return to the office the right way. With proper planning and an expert commercial design and build company, your team can be set up for success in this new, more flexible, working world.