Cool, curvy lines and a sophisticated marine color palate create the perfect mix for our latest workspace project.

A Marine Science chose Infinity Group for the strategy, design, architecture, engineering, and construction of their new United States location in Austin, Texas. The company also has a location in Southampton, United Kingdom. The company uses robots to gather information from the ocean and seabed.

Decisions, decisions

“Infinity Group guided this company through space selection to find the space that best fit their long term plans,” said Ron Wilson, Infinity Group Preconstruction Manager.

They had originally found space that had a conservative office layout. Private offices blocked exterior windows and views. That meant little natural light for shared spaces. But the company was also considering space that was a little larger. This space had big windows that were more conducive to a healthy work environment for all. Infinity Group worked with the management team to understand the company’s goals. Our team recommended the second location.

“The space they chose is something they can grow into,” said Wilson.

Hello green and sustainable design

Our design team added plants and green wall panels to spaces throughout the office. The company also wants to use as many sustainable materials and finishes as possible. The client chose carpet made with recycled content. Also, the acoustical panels are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Ride the wave

You’ll also notice the wave pattern in the carpet in these renderings. The pattern is a subtle nod to their marine work.

The client picked out soft surface furniture pieces that encourage informal collaboration in larger spaces.

Flexibility for the win

The company needs some assigned space for their normal day-to-day operations. And we’ve included unassigned workstations. Some employees primarily work in the field. That means they only need space temporarily in the office. This touch down space will be perfect for them.

British Style with an all-American twist

“They wanted a design that would complement their offices in England with a distinctly American flair and sensibility,” said Laura Merrill, Infinity Group Director of Design.

That design brief contributed to the design of a convertible café space. It doubles as a staff meeting area.

“A TV was mounted to the wall so that people could gather and focus on a speaker behind the kitchen island,” said Merrill.

The company also wants a few traditional multi-use conference room spaces.

Wellness-first design

This project follows a trend Infinity Group’s design team has been tracking in recent months. We’re talking about spaces that are democratic with natural light and views. The design is centered around enhancing the wellbeing of all employees. At Infinity Group, we believe that workspaces should be as flexible as the people who make them come alive. This project is a good example of how we collaborate with a client to understand what workspace flexibility means to their people. Contact our team to get your project started today.