The seasons are changing, and it gives us in the design world a beautiful moment to reflect on the big picture as we design and build workspaces across the country. The staggered return to offices has created some unique themes that we are tracking across clients in many different industries. We spent a few minutes (in comfy, curvy chairs of course) interviewing Laura Merrill, Infinity Group’s Director of Design to get caught up on the latest in office design from her perspective.


“The popularity of couches with curves, and chairs with interesting smooth curved lines is undeniable right now,” said Merrill.

In step with what we’re seeing in residential design, curved lines allow the built space to feel welcoming.

Merrill, said, “A couch with a curved back and arms, paired with another couch in the same style can visually give the user the feeling of a hug when they enter the room. We’re installing something like this soon inside a project in the Empire State Building in New York City.”

What’s better than that for a warm welcome when people visit the office?

 2. COZY

“The trend of resi-mercial design in commercial spaces was hot before the pandemic, and it has only become more widespread,” said Merrill.


“Work from home comforts are just that, comfortable. People returning to the office (in some cases after 18 months) will need a soft, smooth transition,” said Merrill.

The best way to add cozy comforts include commercial-grade soft seating and real plants. Live plants may seem like a lot of work, and you’re right, some plant varieties are high maintenance. But there are many plants out there, like snake plants that require minimal fussing for maximum impact. Bark & Vine has an online plant store that we love. They include care instructions with every purchase.


“When things feel sturdy in a space, that can create feelings of safety,” said Merrill.

There is still a tremendous amount of uncertainty in what tomorrow will bring. As you’re planning a full office redesign, or even a smaller furniture refresh of your commercial workspace there are a few key furniture features to keep in mind.

“Choose furniture pieces that go all the way to the ground, hiding the legs if possible. This makes the couch or chair look solid and sturdy,” said Merrill.

Infinity Group is working with many clients who have turned to bold, curvy and solid furniture choices recently.

“So much of the popular Midcentury modern furniture has small spindly legs. While that is a very specific and beautiful look, it could make the furniture user wonder if it structurally sound,” said Merrill.


It’s fall, and what does that bring to mind? Harvest, bounty, bold colors, and life.

“A color to embody some of those themes is Fruit Punch by Benjamin Moore,” said Merrill.

Think of it as a way to infuse orange without going pumpkin or traffic cone orange.

“This color has a grey undertone, and it feels like a sophisticated, grown-up way to include this hue into a professional space. When an orange, or any bold primary color is too saturated it can feel childish or more appropriate for a kindergarten classroom. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s usually not the vibe employers are hoping to achieve,” said Merrill.

You can find variations of this classy orange in our biotech office upgrade pictured above, our TaskUs HQ project, our Sun Communities clubhouse update, and even in our Belimo manufacturing facility office expansion.

If you’d like to connect with our talented Infinity Group design team, we’re here to help. From all of us at Infinity Group, we hope that you can pause to savor the transition into this new season, and above all we hope that you’re safe and well.