As an employee, we want to feel valued by our employer. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many companies to make important decisions when it comes to their return-to-the office plans. At this point, most companies have already implemented, or are beginning to implement, their return-to-office plans.

So, if it was entirely up to you, which would you choose?

Permanently remote, hybrid model, or in the office full time? We asked our professional network this question, and the results are telling. But honestly, the responses didn’t really surprise us. Read about how we help companies navigate their return to the office.

Our Poll

Infinity Group Marketing Coordinator Catherine Woods wanted to get a better sense of where her professional network stood when it came to return-to-work and what employees preferred.

“My last LinkedIn poll gave me some good insight on what companies were planning to do. This time I wanted to ask people directly (as an employee) what their preference is,” said Woods.

You can see the results of the last survey here!

Survey says…

There were a total of 122 voters. 29 voters reported that they prefer working remote permanently. 83 voters reported that they prefer a hybrid model. Then just 10 voters reported that they prefer to be in the office full time.

Surprised by the results?

“I wasn’t surprised by the results. I had a feeling that “hybrid model” would be the most popular preference among voters. Once employees were able to work from the comfort of their own homes, I think it made it more difficult to give up.” said Woods.

As you can see from our poll, employees are still split over whether they want to return to offices. Infinity Group’s Director of Design Laura Tremko has some thoughts about why hybrid may be something to consider if your office isn’t in agreement over what to do next.

“Hybrid is meeting in the middle. In fact, hybrid can mean different things to different people. Some companies are saying that employees are required to work from the office at least 2 days per week. Most of that time in the office should be spent on the collaborative activities that are easier and more effective to perform in person (meetings, training sessions, charrettes, brainstorming, etc.),” said Tremko

“Focus work can be easier performed from home for those with appropriate home office conditions. Other companies are choosing a different approach and dividing employees into 3 groups depending on the customer-facing engagement: 1) full time from office, 2) hybrid, 3) full time from home. And there is a third group of companies that would prefer their employees work mostly from the office but allow 1-2 days of remote work. As one can see, most of the companies are looking into a hybrid model in one way or another as  a way to allow for an employee-led return to office,” said Tremko.

How can companies inspire employees and boost company culture in a hybrid model?

“After over a year of remote work smart companies are doing their best to earn their people back in the physical space. People will show up, ready to their best work and remain productive throughout the workday and clients will love to visit if your space can inspire,” said Infinity Group Director of Marketing Peter Schaller.

Here’s how companies are incorporating their style into their workplace design. Giving employees a home away from home makes the transition a little less difficult. Kind of like the space in the photo above! Infinity Group completed a project for a consulting firm that makes employees feel at ease the moment they walk through the doors.

“At Infinity Group we have been really intentional about building culture and engaging our entire team whether they are remote or in person for meetings. Honestly, when people are remote during a team meeting it can be harder to share in the excitement of a big announcement or work through a difficult conversation. I’ve found that by calling on people by name both in person and over zoom meetings helps keep engagement high. Also, always remembering some of your audience is remote, really means facilitators and speaks should be clear, concise, and audible,” said Schaller.

What are some ways companies can inspire employees and boost company culture within in person, hybrid, and remote work models? Check out our blog on the topic of company culture here.

The solution to a better workspace

As a commercial design and build firm we know the office will always have its place, but it has got to be better than ever before. As companies transition from remote work to in person work, it is essential that people have options. We are ready to partner with you and deliver the space you and your people are eager to get back to. Drop us a line.