Your Top 4 Office Design Questions-Answered

There are a lot of questions our clients have when it comes to creating a new or enhancing a commercial workspace. And as you can imagine, many bubble up when it comes to the design process. For most of our clients, that feels like the fun part. But some questions just seem to pop up more than others. These four questions below are common, and they help our clients understand what is possible.

You Asked. We Answered.

We asked Infinity Group Architecture Lead Brian Black and Architectural Designer Paulina Martinczak for the questions they get most frequently. And most importantly, we asked them for the answers.

FAQ #1: What kind of installation pattern will that material be installed in?

Paulina said, “The installation pattern of materials is reviewed and discussed with our clients during the design process. What’s great is that you don’t have to just trust your gut or the recommendations of our designers alone. Infinity Group will provide realistic renderings including a virtual reality walk through to make sure that you are comfortable with moving forward with the design.”

FAQ #2: Have you completed accurate lighting calculations for the space, and can I add additional lighting and outlets? 

Brian said, “Yes, we will calculate the correct foot candle requirements for your space. But we do more than that. We are also experts at creating the perfect lighting to enhance the environment, set the mood, and create an overall inviting workspace. Especially in today’s hybrid work environment, it is more important than ever to make sure your office is prepared for the technology needed today and in the future. Infinity Group is here to help make sure your office is designed with the electrical and technology needed to achieve the highest level of production and comfort for your teams. And if you want more lighting and more outlets, that can always be done with the proper architectural and engineering support.”

FAQ #3: Is this wall construction and ceiling type suitable and will it provide the appropriate acoustical properties needed?

“Design decisions such as the wall construction and ceiling type are discussed thoroughly with our clients. Infinity Group will determine several factors before specifying these features. Several factors such as building type, the function of space, equipment that will be used in the space, and number of occupants, are determined while designing wall and ceiling construction. Accounting for the appropriate acoustics is crucial in designing a successful and efficient space. Also, thanks to advances in the technology of materials production, acoustic solutions can also be beautiful,” said Paulina.

 FAQ #4:  Can we add a mezzanine above our current office?

“Absolutely! Many times, it makes for sense to go up instead of out. Here at Infinity Group we will engineer the structural needs for any mezzanine. Whether it’s conventional wood framing or steel, large or small, we can create a space that’s right for you. We will also handle all HVAC, electrical, and plumbing requirements to build a beautiful space. Infinity Group has even built a two-story office structure inside a massive warehouse (pictured above) for our client Belimo. ” said Brian.

These are just a few of the questions and topics you will encounter during the strategy, architecture, design, engineering, and construction of a new project. Another big question is – what does this cost? To best answer that, know that we’ve got to understand what you’re looking to create. When you talk to our team about a new project things like square footage, occupancy, intended use, and the ultimate purpose of the space are key in helping us develop costing for you. Contact our team today to get started.