What Do Return to Office Furniture Orders Look Like These Days?

Infinity Group is a design and build firm that understands the importance of creating an attractive and functional space. A strategically planned and well-appointed space will allow your business and your people to thrive for years to come.

Furniture plays a key role.

Yes, the look of the furniture you incorporate into your space is important. But, comfort should be your biggest priority. Why? In the coming months and years, employees will still be spending a considerable amount of time in the office. You want to make sure the furniture they are using is functional and comfortable.

So, what do return to office furniture orders look like these days?

We interviewed Infinity Group workspace designer Tami Bliven, to get the scoop.

Extended lead times means we stay on top of orders earlier than ever before.

The demand for building supplies is up. That can mean longer project timelines if your design team isn’t dialed into your project from day one. You can read about the current supply chain strain in the market here.

Bliven said, “We’re still seeing a lot of extended lead times due to the supply chain issues within factories. So, anything we can do to get the order moving is helpful regardless of delayed move-in dates.”

Infinity Group is honest and up front with clients about the long lead times on furniture. Early strategic planning takes on added significance in this environment.

“We want to make sure our clients get the look that they want. That means encouraging clients to make selections early on. It’s important to get fabrics and finishes selected because there are issues out there with shipping and the labor force,” said Bliven.

Spacious layouts are winning.

The ongoing pandemic has extended lead times, but it’s also changing design. The expert recommendations our designers are making and ultimately the furniture choices companies are making right now are different than they were two years ago.

“In many companies, across many industries, people have worked from home more than ever before. Because of that companies want to appeal to their employees who are now coming back into the office. When companies need a hybrid model, they are able to space employees out within an open office feel. It allows employees to feel relaxed and comfortable when going in. They can collaborate more spaced out rather than just being confined to a smaller space,” said Bliven.

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A trend to watch: the comforts of home are coming to the office.


Bliven pointed out that she’s also recommending comfy collaborative spaces and more relaxed informal spaces. Check out the Infinity Group project pictured above.

“People have gotten used to being in the comforts of their own home, so a lot of companies want to incorporate this into their overall design. They are looking for more of the light and airy feel because that’s kind of what people have been accustomed to for the past year at home,” said Bliven.

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Infinity Group is actively creating what’s next, like right now.

Bliven said, “One client we are working with is looking to appeal to people coming back into the office so they went from all cubicles to incorporating collaborative spaces where they’re still able to keep the same seat count. They aren’t losing space, they’re just creating a different type of environment where people can have the freedom to get up and move around.”

If you’re in the market for an office upgrade, remember this.

“Even if your move in or return to office dates get pushed back, you still want to consider getting furniture orders moving now. At Infinity Group we manage the unpredictability of lead times so you don’t have to. We want everything to fall into place. We take that burden off our clients, and it results in a smooth and seamless process,” Bliven added.

Bliven is an important part of the overall project process, and she is our in house furniture expert.

Infinity Group is dedicated to delivering quality projects on time and on budget. Our team is ready to create a space that will make your people feel at ease the minute they walk through the door. Have a project in mind? Need some ideas when it comes to furniture? Let’s talk!