So, you already have a team for your workspace projects? Maybe you work closely with an interior designer or an architect already? That’s great – we are ready to work with them!

At Infinity Group our team is made up of in-house designers, architects, engineers, and we’re also general contractors.

So yes, we can handle all aspects of your workspace project if you want us to. But it does not mean we have to do it all. In fact, if you already have a team you work with, Infinity Group can integrate with your project members and work as a team to get your project done. Sounds seamless right? It all comes down to effective communication between teams.

We’d like to answer some of the questions that you might have when it comes to Infinity Group integrating with another company on your workspace project.

1) How exactly will Infinity Group meld with your current team?

Infinity Group will take the time to strategize with you, meet your project team, learn the roles of all parties, and then create an action plan for staying on track. You can learn more about our unique process here. We’ve included a diagram below because diagrams are cool and help with comprehension. Remember, you don’t have to do every step with us – that’s what this entire blog is about after all!

2) What would our role in your project be?

Short answer: it depends. We can fill in one (or more) of the missing pieces that you need to get the job done. That could mean Infinity Group is on design and construction if you have an engineer already, it could mean we only design your space if you have a go-to company for construction.

3) Can we work with your zoning enforcement officer?


4) Can we work with your fire marshal?


5) Your deputy building official?

Also yes.

We have a track record of working well with other firms.

Infinity Group’s Director of Client Relations Corey Edwards recalls one of our favorite projects to make the point about how we integrate with other teams. It was a consulting company that we completed a project with who already had an interior designer lined up.

Edwards said, “We integrated with her (the interior designer) – she led the design inspiration, branding, and consistency across all locations for this consulting company. It was truly spearheaded by her while it was our job to fulfill that design and utilize local resources. It was a seamless partnership.”

You can check out that project here!

As a project progresses and moves forward, Infinity Group maintains meeting agendas and a live schedule that allows clients to stay informed on the entire project and maintain pricing certainty throughout.

Edwards said, “We are not reliant on clients having these resources, but if you have them already, we’re happy to integrate. It’s clear that communication plays an essential role when it comes to the overall strategy on projects where we share the work or take it on in full.”

Infinity Group’s VP of Architecture and Engineering, Blake Leonard said, “Some companies have vendors that the facility uses by a standard for their service agreements, and we have to connect with them. One of the first steps is our team organizing our thoughts and defining who that communication chain is.”

From there, Infinity Group meets with those included in our weekly client meeting.

“Whether we are committed to a portion of the project or the whole thing, Infinity Group is always going to take this leadership role and get all these groups together,” said Leonard.

A smooth partnership is grounded in clear communication and division of roles very early in the process.

When everyone is on the same page and knows their area of responsibility, the outcome is going to be successful.

The majority of Infinity Group’s portfolio of projects is made up of work we’ve completed from start to finish. It also includes some examples of projects where we worked in partnership with another firm. Take for example the construction project we completed for a biotech company – we worked alongside the architecture firm they chose for the design of the space. Our main priority is delivering quality projects and making sure our clients are satisfied.

Regardless of whether you already have a team you utilize or not, Infinity Group is nimble and adaptable. Communication will ensure a smooth and seamless process that, in turn, will translate into a flawless final product. We are ready to partner with your team and give you the future workspace you’ve been waiting for. Contact us to get started.