The Cure for Stale Office Culture

When you consider a new job opportunity, you’ve got important questions.

  • Does this company value their employees?
  • Do their core values align with mine?
  • Is this a company I could feel connected to?

These are just some of the questions you might ask yourself as a jobseeker. The answers are so important, but sometimes they are hard to uncover. If you ask about these things during an interview, sure you’ll get a response. But are you getting the truth, the whole story, or even part of the story?  Here’s a hint – the company’s investment in their physical space can give you some serious clues about their culture.

Survey says…

According to an Indeed survey, 46% of job seekers who considered a job but did not apply to it said they ultimately chose not to apply because they didn’t feel it would be a good culture fit. Read about it here. Connection to company culture and morale is more important than ever in today’s workplace.

Morale vs. culture

Employee morale refers to the overall outlook, confidence, attitude, and satisfaction of employees in a workplace.  Positive employees are much more invested in their work. When morale is low, employees tend to lack motivation. Often, company culture develops over time from the cumulative traits of the people the company is made up of. So, when employee morale is low you can assume that there could be a negative shift in the overall company culture as well.

How are companies improving culture and morale, and how do you find a winning company?

Forward-thinking companies are thoughtfully incorporating their core values into the overall design of their workspace. You can read our blog on the importance of impeccable workplace design here! A creative and innovative workspace reminds employees that they are valued within the organization. Employers can show they care by investing in certain features that may help employees do their best work.

Did you know?

  • Harnessing natural light in the workplace boosts moods and in turn it increases productivity.
  • Incorporating collaboration areas along with quiet focus areas gives employees an alternative to how they chose to get their work done. Choice equals freedom. Freedom equals happiness. Happiness equals healthy morale. Healthy morale equals positive culture.
  • Additions like a fitness center or wellness program are also good ways to promote employee health and wellness.

Infinity Group incorporated a fitness center into our TaskUs project. TaskUs is a digital customer service company in San Antonio, Texas.

Infinity Group’s Director of Design Laura Merrill said, “Younger talent entering the workforce today really want to feel connected to the environment they are working in and feel valued by their employer. By investing in thoughtful workplace design, employees will feel much more engaged.” See how we are helping companies add a wow factor to their space.

So, employers does your office culture need a reboot? Infinity Group can give your workplace the makeover it needs to attract the right energy!

And to all you jobseekers out there, is a beautiful office everything? No, but it’s a great start. Browse our projects page to learn about some of the companies across the country who have invested in their space, and in turn, their employees.