A massive shift

In the past year and a half we have seen a massive shift in office work and where people will spend their time doing it. Emerging trends pre-pandemic pointed to the future of work being hybrid (a mix of working from home and in the office). Many people were considering leaving larger urban areas for smaller second and third tier cities.

Then, COVID-19 hit and these trends accelerated

Infinity Group has our own satellite offices in Austin, Boston, New York, and San Francisco. We are headquartered in Connecticut, and we are seeing, first-hand, the migration of New Yorkers and Bostonians into our home state. But it’s not just people. We are also seeing companies setting up shop here as well.

Changing home bases

In 2020 remote working was widely mandated and company office plans were in holding patterns. Because of that, employees were compelled to re-think their home base. At the same time, executives were forced to question their office footprints.

September is coming quickly

Now, many companies have already returned. Some have also slated their returns for this coming September. Throughout this journey, Infinity Group has been counseling our clients. We are helping with return-to-work planning, space upgrades to accommodate the “new normal”, and designing and building brand new workspaces that reflect the Future of Work.

Hybrid work and the Hub and Spoke

Opting for hybrid return to work solutions has been a popular choice. That’s because the tech tools are in place. We’re talking about virtual meetings and “zoom rooms”, phone booths, and appropriately-sized conference rooms. All of these enhancements make virtual communications easier. Many larger companies are keeping one head office and have smaller, satellite offices dispersed. The head office serves as a client hub and collaboration node. The satellite offices accommodate to remote workers who need access to resources and a quiet place for heads down, focus work. Read more about this workplace model and others in our Future of Work Blueprint.

Roots already down

Millennials make up about 50% of the workforce. As they mature, many have decided to leave urban areas permanently. They want more space, nature, and economic value. Work life balance is key, and companies are smart to cater to this large group. They can start by optioning for satellite locations and/or implementing hybrid solutions that cut down on commuting times.

“Up and coming” second and third tier markets

Attractive residential and commercial real estate prices make places like Austin, Orlando, Charlotte and Madison, Wisconsin appealing to employees and companies alike. There’s also no shortage of space in these markets.

Not a one size fits all

While the trends stated above may be unfolding, New York and other large metropolitan areas are continuing to bounce back. We have learned this while navigating the future of the workspace. Our expert team has the ability to understand what makes your company unique. And we also know how to make your workspace most effective as you navigate changing times. Want to learn more about Infinity Group and how we Make Work Beautiful? Click here to set up an appointment with our talented team.