Return to Work: We Asked, You Answered

Are people returning to offices this summer?

What we uncovered might throw you off a bit. More on our poll results in a moment.

WFH prevalence

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the U.S. closed their offices and instructed employees work from home. Mandated stay-at-home orders, and self-imposed isolations have shown us that working from home is possible for many. And it has been proven to be more effective than we thought in some cases.

While it was unclear how long the stay-at-home orders would continue, we know one thing for certain: Millions of American workers are still working remotely. Companies have come to realize that working the standard eight-hour shift in the office does not necessarily equal results. We’ve learned remote work is possible.

Office FOMO is real

And at this point, some of us have developed a surprising case of office fomo – short for the fear of missing out of what’s happening in the actual office. Whether it’s missing the physical separation between home and work, our coworkers, our favorite coffee and lunch shops, or a combination of all three, office fomo is real.

Some companies are choosing to remain 100% remote, while others are taking a hybrid approach. The pandemic has disrupted many previous notions that prevented or limited remote work in the past.

Our poll

Infinity Group Marketing Coordinator Catherine Woods wanted to get a better sense of where her professional network stood when it came to return to office plans. Here’s what she found.

“I was curious to get some more insight on the current work situations of others, so I decided to create a LinkedIn poll,” said Woods.

There was a total of 62 voters. 20 voters reported (as of now) that they are permanently remote. 32 voters reported that they are already back in the office (or never left). Then then just 10 voters reported that they are temporarily remote.

Surprised by the results?

“Of course, this is not a large-scale, scientific survey. I was surprised to learn how many voters were staying remote indefinitely. I think it goes to show just how much things have changed in a year. It also reveals that when it comes to work, things will likely never go back to exactly how they were before,” said Woods.

Some businesses have decided that remaining fully remote, permanently is best. Then there are companies that are planning to return to in person work but might not have a plan in place. So, whether it’s remote, hybrid, all in person, or undecided, a conversation with the experts at Infinity Group is a good idea.

Future of Work Blueprint

No matter your budget, we can help you find you the right solution for your space. We are helping companies navigate this uncertain time. That’s where our Future of Work Blueprint comes it. Think of it as a roadmap to your future space, and how it will function as your people return. You can read about it here!



Before and afer – you can do it too!

We love to see everything come together. It’s all about giving people a space that they are excited about. Your satisfaction is our measure of success, one project at a time. Whether you are looking to create your return to the office plan or bring your space back to life and reignite your culture – Infinity Group is can create a functional space that your people will thank you for.

Is your space poll-proof?

Think about it, if you created your own Linkedin poll today for your employees that asked: are you inspired and excited about our physical office space? Would the results surprise you? Would you want that poll public for the world to see on social media? If not, think about why and let’s do something about it together!