Recently, Infinity Group asked a high-level executive (at a company you’ve probably heard of) a simple question.

What’s giving you the biggest headaches right now?

Her answer may sound familiar to you if you’re in a management role right now: My team’s biggest concern is how do we renovate our space for the hybrid model? Our employees are returning in the fall, and it seems like the information about what to do just keeps on changing.

We get it.

This summer, so many companies are grappling with the same thing. What on earth will our offices look like in the fall, and how do we make it work for the new reality of work? How do we utilize our existing space to account of the new normal?

Of course, this time is stressful for decision-makers and your people alike. Think about it, no one in modern history has ever done what you are about to do – welcome employees back after a global pandemic. Read that last line again.

So, you’re probably wondering what guidance and reassurance we gave her.

Here was our response: You’ve got this, and you don’t have to go it alone! While this time is certainly unprecedented; being nimble and resourceful is nothing new for us at Infinity Group. The key to creating the perfect space to meet this moment is flexibility. We like to start with understanding what you have for space, for furniture, and budget and we can work from there. We’ve also created a Future of Work Blueprint to help you scaffold some of your ideas and focus on your business priorities. Every company and physical space are different.

We also want to help you organize your planning right now. So, let’s take a moment to really think about why you even want an office. We know that’s a big question, but the answer will help inform everything else. Forget about having an office for the sake of having an office! Do you use your space to host client visits? Is it a showroom? Is it a place where your people need to collaborate on new projects? Maybe you need it to inspire team members who are more likely to feel isolated with remote work.

What came next in that conversation was incredible and eye opening for both the company and our team working on this project. It should be a good one!

We wanted to take moment to explain what happens when you reach out to Infinity Group.

Let’s say you’re on our website (you are right now by the way), and you fill out the contact us form on the bottom.

1. When you share your name, company name, phone number, and email…

you also have an opportunity to share some details about your project. In that space, you can explain what you need help with. Details like the location of the project, square footage of your space, and intended use are all helpful.

2. After you hit submit…

an email is sent to our Business Development team and someone from Infinity Group with call you back within 24 hours (usually sooner) to ask some follow up questions about your project and your availability for a follow up.

3. Then, we like to either set up a virtual or in person introduction.

We do this so we can learn more about where you’re coming from, where you’re looking to go, and how Infinity Group can help make it happen. It’s essentially a time to really get into what your business objectives are, identify your pain points, and learn about your company’s culture. Think of it as a two-way opportunity to share details that matter in getting to the next step. It’s also a chance to learn about the Infinity Group methodology, check out our portfolio, and ask questions.

4. After that initial meeting…

our Client Relations, Design, Architecture, and Engineering teams like to tour your space in person. It’s the best way to understand the potential and limitations of your space. This is our opportunity to gather information (and photos) at your current physical space so that we can turn around expert recommendations when it comes to your options.

5. Our team will then curate a custom program to help you achieve your business goals.

That includes an Infinity Group Schematic Test Fit. You can read up on why all schematic test fits are not created equal – hint: ours are better. We craft a schematic test fit that allows you to see that your program is met. The test fit also gives you an opportunity to see the new space plan and react so that changes can be made if needed. Our team will also provide you with 3-D views and virtual reality walk throughs so you can get a true understanding of the space before it’s built. Check out this short video to see how our virtual reality experience works!

6. When you sign off on it, the next phase of your project begins.

While this is a simplified explanation of all that happens before you sign, we hope it helps you understand how we work with our clients right from the start. Contact our team today to get your own project started.