When you look around your workplace what do you see? Are people inspired? Is creativity in the air? Workplace design that matches your company’s culture is a major win for you and your people. It’s the best kind of matchy-matchy and it’s totally a win-win. Employee productivity and happiness depend on it.

The physical workspace can reinforce certain thoughts and behaviors. You can foster a culture of belonging, inspire innovation, and encourage teamwork. As a result, companies are investing in their people, by investing in stunning spaces.

Find out what smart companies are doing with their space here! Once you identify your company’s goals and values, you can start incorporating them into the overall design. And from color, texture, to floor plan – there are a lot of creative ways to cultivate the right vibe. Whether you are looking for a more relaxed style or one that is extravagant, Infinity Group is up for the job. Our project portfolio includes a wide variety of workplace styles that will light up your design inspiration. And because it’s so vast and varied, it will get you thinking of all the possibilities for your future space no matter your industry.

Here are some options to consider:


If creativity is one of your business values, you may want to consider incorporating a fun and energizing aesthetic into your space. That’s what we created for TaskUs, a digital customer service company. Read their transformation story here! They wanted their office to showcase their fun and vibrant style. That’s what we delivered.

Infinity Group’s Director of Design Laura Merrill shared her thoughts on this project. She said, “As a company with a younger workforce they really wanted to stand out and show off their youthful side. TaskUs provided us with a concept of a clubhouse downstairs and a tree house upstairs.”

Younger talent entering the workforce today are looking for something more from their workplace. As a result, many want to see a wow factor! They want to feel connected to the environment they are working in. And they want to feel valued by their employer.


Are you a business that prioritizes the wellness of your people? You can show you care by investing in their wellbeing through design. Create a space that encourages fresh thinking, collaboration, and maybe even a sprinkle of cozy home vibes. Transitioning from remote to in-person work can be difficult. Give your employees a home away from home!

A consulting company was looking to blur the lines between residential and commercial design by incorporating comforts from home. Infinity Group helped them create a cool and modern space where employees and clients would feel at ease the minute they walk through the front door. We know that employee engagement and concentration is very important when considering your overall workspace design. Sitting in an open office space with ringing phones, conversations, and other distractions can impact employee productivity. Design moments like phone booths can help employees quietly complete focused work. Collaboration areas are the perfect places to socialize, problem-solve, and collaborate with your team.


Finally, we take you to Marcum, an accounting firm with offices all over the country. This company wanted a bright, organized, and spotless office so their people can focus on crunching numbers. This radiant and professional office sets the tone for success. See more photos from this project here. The company’s branding and colors at their entrance are the perfect way to set the tone right off the elevator. From there, the logo and brand colors are carried throughout the entire space. Our design team masterfully incorporated the Marcum logo into the welcome desk.


Do you think your company’s brand, values, and vibe are incorporated into your physical space currently? If so, that’s great! If not, Infinity Group can deliver an office that reflects your best attributes. No matter your style, we can deliver a quality project that accentuates your good taste and meets your high standards. You make great decisions, and that’s why you should contact us to get started.